Tuesday, December 21, 2010

» Sleek MakeUp : ONE Finishing Powder.

An ultra-translucent powder which sets and enhances the effects of foundation by providing a glowing, translucent finish.

The ONE Finishing Powder is ideal for all skin shades and provides an immediate cooling sensation as it is comprised of 60% water. The formulation also includes natural anti-oxidants and botanicals that nourish the skin and prevent inflammation.

Can be used to set foundations or on its own to provide a flawless, radiant glowing look.
When I was choosing the prizes I wanted for my Sleek Competition win, I was a little stuck.. I was browsing the site, with a couple more products to choose when I spotted this, I was intrigued by the description and decided to add it to the list!
It's a weird powder.. Well, what I mean is it gives a weird sensation. It almost feels wet and like you are splashing your face with water when you apply it. It feels cooling and rather soothing for a few seconds, and then it has a normal powdery finish.

It does have a very fine shimmer in it (which I think is visible in the above photo), but it is so fine that this can be worn all over the face without you looking shimmery, It's so fine, like light reflecting, it brightens the complexion.. I love it, I use this to set my foundation and occasionally if I want a little bit of a sheer highlight.
And yes, if you are thinking you have heard of something similar somewhere before, you would be correct! Mac released a Magically Cool Liquid Powder with their recent Disney Venemous Villains Collection... It sounds like the exact same thing to this, and that was over £25 .. This is just £6.99! So, if you missed out on the MAC but were curious, I would say give this a go.. It's really nice, and fun to use!

This can be purchased here.


Louise H said...

I'll definitely need to try this once I've finished my villains one x

Cydonian said...

Really nice review! I like that it's a cheap alternative to the Mac powder... :)

Melly said...

Oh, I've been curious about this, and this is the first review I've seen about it. I would probably try this if there weren't the big Sleek fail of 50%. Some people defend them by saying they just weren't expecting it to be such a big deal and weren't prepared, when I heard from someone that the day they launched online they had same issues.. and it just leaves me to think they were aware issues might appear and should have been fully prepared.
Sorry for the ramble, this review really is nice :)

Beauty's Bad Habit said...

I love this powder, too! It's a gorgeous shade. It's fun using it on models who don't expect the feel of it, I always give them a brush so that they can feel it's dry, then get them to run the powder along the back of their hand. It's a very odd sensation!

xXMaNdAXx said...

i love the price tag!! :) it's so cheap and sleek do some really good makeup products! thanks for the review xoxo


Dreams That Glitter xoxo said...

Ooooh I keep looking at this all the time, and now thanks to your brilliant review I definitely want to get it!


Vida said...

Ah I've been wanting to try this, but Sleek stuff is a pain to get in the US! Thanks for the review!


dani@callitbeauty said...

the premise of the product is definitely intriguing! glad to know there's a more inexpensive option :)

S said...

This looks great - is it available instore??

Would love you to follow me back :)



nicoletta said...

This sounds good. I like the fact that it has a slight shimmer. I use clinique gentle kight powder and that has a slight shimmer too. I find it really flattering and its a lot more expensive than this.
I will take a look when i'm at superdrug thanks x

kay eh tea ei. said...

ooh this sounds so good! really want to try it :)


Ra, UK said...

Does it have an expiry date? I think this idea came with Jurlique finishing powders (citrus and lavander).