Sunday, December 05, 2010

Some Pictures From My Week :)

♡ Drawing Hearts In Fresh Snow :)
♡ Pretty Metallic Festive Nails.
♡ Christmass-ness..
♡ Make up for a night out.

♡ Beer for the Boyfriend.
♡  And for the lady, a Diet Coke :) Happy times!
♡ And for dessert.. A Tuck Shop Sundae .. It was huge!
♡ We both enjoyed it muchly!

♡ To finish, Some more pretty fluffy Snow :)


Beauty's Bad Habit said...

Love your metallic nails - what did you use on them? That dessert look a-ma-zing!

Unknown said...

Thanks :) You can see my NOTD post here

Lauren Baker said...

I agree, I love your nails!

Steph & The Spaniels said...

Some amazing photos there hun :)
You've made me very hungry & Christmassy!

Chloee said...

OMG! yum dessert. and wow! your nails and makeup looks lush, love you lots,
Love Chloe xo

Stevista said...

Wonderful pictures Sophie :) Can you please send some snow over to Greece? I'm super jealous!


Unknown said...

arghgh, I really want that nail polish! January seems way to far away! ;)x