Saturday, January 29, 2011

♥ I Love Hauling!

Hey lovelies! I recently had a little bit of retail therapy. I had some leftover Christmas money, and wanted to have a browse around town, So here is a little haul post of what I picked up!

♥ Cosmopolitan Beauty Blender 'Dupe' Sponge : I have wanted this ever since I saw it recently on a you tube video (can't remember who's!) I have wanted a Beauty Blender for ages, but have heard that this is as good, if not better - and it is only £4.95! Bargain :)
♥ Garnier Pure Active Moisturiser : I lovvee this! It's one of my faves, and I would repurchase it over and over. It's cooling, soothing, moisturises well and combats spots too!
♥ Nails Inc Polish, Caramel : I got this free with two bottles of yummy Diet Coke. This is the only colour they had left! I don't have a nude, so am looking forward to trying this out.
♥ Accessorize Illusion Polish, Aztec : I've wanted this since it came out, It's a stunning multi shimmer duochrome shade, comparable to one of MAC's limited edition shades. It's stunning! I put it on as soon as I got home and I cannot stop looking at my fingers!
♥ MAC Club Eyeshadow : OMG, this is awesomeness! I've wanted it for a while, and it lives up to all I expected. It's a beautiful duochrome (brown/green) and just looks so good on the eyes. I am wearing it now, alone, and it looks like I made such an effort to do a green/brown crease look. LOVE! ♥
♥ Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, Translucent : I've read numerous positive reviews on this recently, So I thought I would jump on the bandwagon! So far so good. It seems to be keeping my oily skin matte.
♥ The XL Gosh Shader : This is a really nice big fluffy dense brush. I have wanted a MAC 227 for ages, but it's an expensive brush, so I picked this up for £7.99 to see how it lives up. I am liking it so far!
These are just a few bits I picked up in The Body Shop sale. The palette is gorgeous, and the shades are so soft and pigmented. The single shadows were supercheap, and I couldn't resist trying a few. As for the Shimmer cubes - I reviewed them on here recently as I bought them the other week. I just thought I would show it all in this haul too.

♥ True Blood Season 1 and 2 box set! (Did I mention that I LOVE true blood?) .. I ordered this online and cannot wait to start watching them all again! 
♥ The earrings were so cheap at £3 (down from £10) and I thought they looks cute and summery!
The Balms Bahama Mama, and Hot Mama, I got these in TK Maxx for £5.99 each (RRP £19) .. They are lovely! The bronzer is matte and perfect for contour, and Hot Mama is like a peachy golden rosy pink! I love it very muchly!

Lastly, Urban Decay Liquid Liner in GASH (what a name!) This was £4.99 (RRP £11.95) from TK Maxx again, I love it, it's such a stunning shade. The mascara is the new Boots mascara, which I am loving. I won this in a facebook giveaway but wanted to pop it in here.

... And that is it! What do you think? f you want to see more on anything, let me know!


Yu said...

Ahh I want Club so badly! :) Lovely haul, the bronzer/blusher look very pretty too!

Kathy said...

Oh Now I want some retail therapy, I'm going on a trip next week so I need some travel friendly things. How you keeping Gorgeous?

Jeweled Thumb said...

Awesome deal on the TheBalm blushes. I wish they would pop up at our US version discount store!! =)

Gemx said...

Love the earrings! :) Great finds in TK Maxx! Hot Mama is a gorgeous colour. Your TK Maxx is great, all the one near me seems to be full of scary garden gnomes :(

. said...

I really want to go makeup shopping now, haha! I've got the Garnier Pure Active Cleanser and it works pretty well :) Let us know whether the beauty blender works well! x

Anonymous said...

hold up, TK Maxx sells makeup? How comes I am just knowing this! As for the GOSH brush, how do you use it?

나니 said...

I guess I'll just have to wait for the Body Shop in Denmark to wake up and get items that you have over there. lol. Our stores here are SOOOO behind. I really wanna try that palette.. It looks so pretty! : D

Unknown said...

I love the cleanser too! it is one of my faves!

The GOSH Brush is for all over lid colour and highlighting the brow bone.

Thanks for all your comments!

Unknown said...

I want that Cosmo sponge now! I've wanted a beauty blender for ages, but this is cheaper and thus far superior :P
The Gash liner looks such a pretty colour!

jordan said...

I wish my TK Maxx had such good things in! That blusher is beautiful!

Gaby Fauchon said...

Great haul! The nail polish in Caramel looks pretty!

Jadegrrrl said...

Wow nice hauling, I want to get my mitts on one of those beauty blender type thingies, and YAY for True blood!!!! :D

Marilou said...

I love these the balm blush and bronzer!!!! I god I love your blog héhé so many greats finds! xx