Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lord & Berry Lip Products.

I was recently sent a couple of Lord and Berry lip products to review. I was really excited about trying them out as I have heard lots of good things about the brand. They sell a range of beauty products, and you can see and read more information here, on their website.

I have a bit of a thing with lip products at the moment, they are my current obsession (wrongly so! I have a drawer full.) So I couldn't wait to see if I would love these.

I received a Long Lasting Lip Crayon in Orange (Cringe!) and an Intense Lipstick in Deep Nude. . Sadly, I don't really like the colour of either of them. I do not, ever, wear orange lipstick because I just look wrong. As for the nude, I love a nude lipstick, but this is a dark nude and is more brown than anything, I think I can work the nude and pale it down though.

However, I do like both lipsticks in formula and quality. The crayon is my favourite, the texture is so smooth and glossy and the colour pay off is great. The crayon pencil like packaging is real nice too, I would definitely like to get my hands on some more suitable shades.

The intense lipstick has a vanilla scent to it and is quite a rich creamy texture. It feels moisturising and has good pigmentation and lasting power on the lips. This gives more of a matte look to the lips, rather than the glossy crayon.

All in all though, I like the products, They were just not 'my' colour, sadly.
- Lord & Berry Products Can Be Purchased on ASOS.

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Jemima Reith said...

They sound really nice... Maybe not the colours so much though ;)

Unknown said...

Ohh I love that orange lippie! :D

Rebecca said...

I haven't tried any Lord and Berry lip products, but I really love their mascara, worth a try if you come across it!