Thursday, January 20, 2011

♥ Models Own Kit.

I am guessing that most of you have already picked up your free models own make up kit by now? .. If you have been living under a rock and don't know what I am talking about, see this post.

I just thought I would do a little review on what I think of all of the kits contents! It's a great little kit worth £24, and you can get it for the cost of two newspapers.

So, Here is what I think ...

♥ The Tweezers : I like these! They have a good slant to them and they are quite sharp at the edge, which makes for good hair grabbing and pulling out. The pink metallic look is nice and eye catching too!

♥ The Eyelash Curlers : I'm not overly keen on these. They are just OK .. They don't get near to the root of the lash at all, therefore it kinda curls the lash from mid way, which isn't too good.

♥ The Mascara : It's very dry. It does nothing to enhance my lashes what. so. ever. It is like a black lash dye, it just makes them look darker without adding any length or volume. Bleh.

♥ The Liquid Liner : The applicator for this is a bit pants .. well a lot pants actually! It's massive and would not be easy to use directly. The formula of the liner is nice though, it's quite thick and very long lasting! I just dip my own brush into it and use it that way.

♥ The Eyeshadow Duo : Saving the best for last! This duo is really nice, the colour combo is good, the shadows are soft and pigmented and they blend nicely. We have a winner!

So, all in all it's not too bad, there are a couple of things that I probably won't use, but this is just my opinion, and some of you may like what I don't!

Have you got your Models Own Kit yet? What are your thoughts?

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Sophie said...

I think the mascara is dry too, glad it's not just me. As for the tweezers, they just snap off the hair instead of pulling out the root.. don't like them at all! I like the liner, the curlers are decent, and the eyeshadow duo is great. Over all, I kinda wish I didn't waste my money on the newspapers.. these aren't the best of quality lol!

Wowza, rant over. xoxo

Kate said...

I got a token this weekend and must remember to pick up another this Sunday - however there's only one biggish Tesco near me and I bet they'll have run out!

Unknown said...

I refuse to buy the News of the World even for free makeup :P But those tweezers are very cute!

madison said...

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