Monday, January 03, 2011

» My Christmas + Birthday Gifts :)

Hey Lovelies!

Today is my presents post.. All of what you will see in this post are a mix of my Birthday and Christmas presents. I just thought I would put them all together in one post, rather than doing two separate.

I'm not bragging about what I got, but I myself like to see what gifts bloggers got, and I have had a few people ask me what I received. Remember, some of these are birthday presents (mine is only a week before Christmas)...

My presents included :

♥ Urban Decay Naked Palette
♥ Dressing Gown
♥ Nightwear
♥ Undies & Socks
♥ Slippers
♥ True Blood Calendar
♥ Chocolates
♥ Lots Of Make up
♥ FCUK Tote & Products
♥ Books
♥ Take That DVD
♥ Ghost Captivating Perfume
♥ LUSH Goodies
♥ Body Sprays
♥ Bath Stuff
♥ Sparkly Shoes
♥ Sequin Hat
♥ Funky Purple Watch
♥ Money & Vouchers
♥  Beauty Tools

Here are some bulk pictures :) I'm a lucky girl!

♥ Blackberry & Sparkly Cover ♥ Wow! I love this phone.. I never even considered a BB before, bit they are amazing.

Thanks for reading.. What did you all get for Christmas.. Link me up!


Unknown said...

Wow what fabulous gifts! What's the Claire's palette like? I've never tried eyeshadow from them before :) xx

Sophie said...

Wow, I'm uber jealous! Great gifts :)
I am addicted to Ferrero Rochers, lol

Becky said...

Awesome! You got a Naked palette! Lovely pressies :)

나니 said...

WOW... You got so many things : ( It was my birthday recently and I barely got anything.. *sigh* I know that I'm older.. but somehow the amount of gifts seems to reflect how many people actually care enough to get you something nice. -sob- I guess I'm just getting OLD. Not older..

Gaby Fauchon said...

Wow, you got spoiled!

Unknown said...

Lovely gifts :) I'm especially loving the Blackberry sparkly cover - it's so cute! Any idea where it was from, as my cover is looking rather worse for wear?! xx

Sarah said...

Wow you lucky girl!!!

Please review the Claires eyeshadow when you get a chance, I've seen this but I'm not sure about buying it, I always associate it with little girls!

X x

Unknown said...
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