Monday, February 07, 2011

 Garnier 7 Day Body Lotion.

If you have dry skin from the cold harsh weather then this is something I would highly recommend! This was sent to me to try out and it is awesome. It's a body lotion that claims to last and keep your skin soft for up to seven days.

They Say : Imagine a body product that offers daily hydration so intense you feel it up to 7 days.
Garnier introduces its new Innovation, a light-weight non-greasy lotion enriched with natural ingredients for irresistibly soft skin that smells great. - Nourishing shea butter for dry to extra dry skin.

I Say : I love it, I don't suffer with overly dry skin, luckily, but that doesn't matter. I love to use it on my legs and any dry spots after bathing. It smells amazing! I find myself sniffing myself (dodgy!) all day when I have it on, it is yum!
It leaves my skin feeling lovely and soft (I can't vouch for the 7 day thing because I shower regularly and reapply it afterwards) .. It's a thin lotion that soaks in quickly without leaving any residue or greasy feeling on the skin.

Thumbs up from me!

Available from Superdrug.
PR Sample.


ShimmerDreamz said...

lol. I do wish there's a sign we can have that warns people we're wearing a particularly delicious scent and that's why we're sniffing overselves. I find I've the same problems after a Lush experience, be it their bath bombs or soaps.

Also, I've just started writing again, so check out my blog please? :D

D said...

Sounds really good, I had been wondering about this moisturiser. xx

kay eh tea ei. said...

sounds lovely. i've seen this around but probably gonna get it now :)

Lieke said...

Sounds so good!

Sarah said...

Wow this looks great, I can't wait to give it a go!

Sarah x x