Friday, February 04, 2011

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Skincare! It's a bit of an ongoing thing for me, I probably shouldn't but I love to try new things all of the time, to see if I can find something truly amazing. I do find products that I keep on going back to .. It's a hit and miss thing really!

Recently I've been trying the Bliss Fabulous Face Cream and Fabulous Eye Cream. They are said to be like an at home facial. Both products are suitable for all skin types too, I like products like that .. free for all to use.
So what did I think of these? ...

The Fabulous Eye Cream : This has quite a thick texture which worried me when I first used it, I thought it might never sink in, and nobody wants greasy under eyes. It's great though, the cream melts in, visibly brightening up the eyes and you can feel it! .. What I mean by that is that you can actually feel it working.. Well, it feels soothing anyway, kind of cooling and I like it, it helps me to feel more awake. This definitely keeps my under eyes hydrated and looking bright and I would say it is definitely worth a go if you are looking for a new eye cream, It is a pleasure to use.

The Fabulous Face Cream : This is really fabulous! It makes my face feel so smooth, and it hydrates so well, but aside from that, it makes a difference to the skins appearance. After about a week of using this my skin was feeling so much softer that normal, and it looked brighter, more glowing. I don't know how, but it really does. This sinks in fast leaving a nice base for make up, or you can wear it alone for that luminous finish. It has lots of good stuff in for your face, and has a good SPF too. Remember, you should always protect your skin!

I am thoroughly impressed with both of these products and I really want to try the fabulous foaming face wash now.. It sounds lovely! :)

What have you tried from Bliss, anything? ...
Both products are available from their website and are worth a try for sure..

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Unknown said...

The dace lotion is fantastic isn't it! I love it so so much.


Unknown said...

Hey Jo,

Yes! It is gorgeous :) A new fave of mine!


Unknown said...

Ooh the face cream sounds lovely!

Anonymous said...

I love the Bliss Clog Dissolving Cleansing Milk. It smells amazing, but the best part is that my skin looks fantastic when I use it.

kay eh tea ei. said...

I loooove Bliss! Its made by the same company as Soap & Glory which i also love. I have foaming face wash, thinking about doing a giveaway with it tomorrow :) x