Monday, February 21, 2011

— Loving // Hating ..

Shane Dawson Videos, he cheers me up mostly :) Funny guy!
— Lady Gaga's New Song 'Born This Way'
— Britney's New Song 'Hold It Against Me'
— Old friends - Thanks to facebook I am now in touch with one of my best friends from my teens.
— Malteasers .. Just cos.
— Using hairspray on an old toothbrush to set my eyebrows. random, but true!
— Tweeting, this is just a temporary thing, I go like it sometimes, but I know it'll pass.
— The weather. God it's dull and miserable.
— My mood. I am so fed up and depressed and hating myself.
— Being skint and unemployed (Still!) .. I need a holiday .. or just a night out.. Anything!
— Zits! I have a couple that just won't get lost right now. Eww.



Allthingsgirly said...

I'm with you on the being skint and unemployed thing, it's shit! But love for Malteasers and gaga too ;)x

ShimmerDreamz said...

I'm loving youtube for comedy at the mo - What the Buck Show is so awesome. Just like a caffine jolt to the system!

At weather's been pretty grim. I packed all my spring clothes for this term and needed to pull out toasty hoodies instead. I do distinctively remember one of the weather prediction agencies in December saying that it will DEFINITELY snow in February...urgh.

Cassie x

Unknown said...

I've heard the hairspray on a toothbrush tip before, good to know it actually works!

Natasha said...

I've found another Shane Dawson fan from the UK! Brilliant, plus your blog is amazing. xxx

Supergirl said...

Wow, what a great idea for eyebrows!!! Thanks:)