Tuesday, February 15, 2011

٭ Sleek Primer Palette : Swatches.

Someone requested that I show swatches on the Primer Palette from Sleek MakeUP. I don't feel I'm that great at doing swatches, but here are mine anyway ..
This is the top row of colours (Top pic with natural light, bottom pic with flash.)
Bottom Row Of Colours (Top pic natural light - Bottom Pic With Flash)

So there you go! I hope they help you all out. I'm loving the palette so far! :) Remember, it's out on Wednesday 16th!


Unknown said...

Very excited about this. And those are good swatches, no problems with them at all!

kay eh tea ei. said...

Looks amazing! The colours look so good on their own... but defeats the purpose really :)

Unknown said...

Really looking forward to trying this out :)

Irene Blushing Loves said...

Thanks for the swatches doll!!It looks so pretty!!Have to check it!!

Kelly said...

I cant wait to get one of these - the colours look so nice on there own. Do you think you could wear them on there own for a sheer colour?

Julianne said...

Thanks for the swatches, I'm not sure whether I will get this, I have so many primery things already!

Unknown said...

Thanks everyone! Gld the swatches were ok!

@ Kelly, Yes they could be worn alone for sure :) Not sure if they will last AS long without a powder to set though. x