Thursday, February 24, 2011

Some Current Beauty Faves .. ♡

Rimmel Lash Accelorator Mascara. Wow, I love this! As a mascara the results for me are impressive .. I haven't been using it for long enough to know if it accelerates, but as a mascara it lengthens like crazy, and adds a nice amount of volume too, and it is really black.

Sleek MakeUP's Molten Metals. I love how quick and simple they are to use. They last much better than most cream products before they crease, and they look great just slicked onto the lid, or even used on the lashline as a liner.

Sue Moxley Shimmer Brick (Pink). Just a lovely mix of colours, perfect for a nice sheen on the cheeks, as a blusher - or the lighter shades used as a highlighter. I prefer to mix them all up. It's lovely!

Eyeko Fat Balms. Lovveeee these little fatbalms! They are conditioning, smell good and look lovely on too. This is the cherry one which gives a lovely, long lasting red stain to the lips. I would recommend. 

The Cosmo Beauty Blend Perfection Sponge. I need to review this more thoroughly, but I love it. It blends my foundations amazingly well and leaves me with a flawless finish. I love using sponges to apply make up, and this is my favouritist one! 



kay eh tea ei. said...

love this post, need all of these products! <3

Gemx said...

I'm loving the Eyeko Fat Balms recently. I love the cherry one, it's such a pretty red! :D

liketreasure said...

I love the Lash Accelerator, favourite mascara. I've not long run out, but I have far too many mascara's so can't justify buying another! Need to use them up! :)

Anonymous said...

My eye-lashes are short and I wanted to try Rimmel Lash Accelorator Mascara while I was in England but never got around to buying it :-(

Lieke said...

I have that mascara too! I love it so much.

ShimmerDreamz said...

Are the fat balms like Nars multiples? They look similar but I've yet to try any Eyeko stuff.

Surprisingly, I've not tried anything in your favourites so I might have to check them out sometime, especially since they're mostly from Superdrugs!

Cassie x

Just An Average Girl said...

Hi I <3 Your blog I am just starting my own thanks to you.