Sunday, March 27, 2011

- Giorgio Armani: Acqua For Life.

Hey lovelies, I hope you are all doing well.

I was recently made aware of a really great project that is going on at the moment, with Giorgio Armani and Green Cross International.They are donating water to children in needy countries just by people like us using a simple facebook app, or buying a bottle of their Acqua Di Gio fragrance.

You can see the website for lots more information.

The Project:

Water is an essential element of life.
65% of the human body is made up of water.
4/5 of our planet is covered in water.
Only 3% of this is fresh water. Much of it is inaccessible.
When dirty or contaminated, water becomes a threat. Every day, 4,000 children die from water-borne diseases.

This is why Giorgio Armani is now working alongside the non-governmental organization Green Cross International to make a change and raise everyone’s awareness of this issue.

Acqua For Life’s objective is to provide several tens of millions of litres of drinking water to populations without any access to it. 900 million individuals are still deprived of safe, clean and healthy water for their daily essential needs. Water that is essential for drinking, eating, guaranteeing a minimum of hygiene and maintaining one’s health. The goal of this challenge: To offer this year a minimum of 40 million litres of drinking water to populations in need.

Because they are the most vulnerable to water-borne diseases and it is their future that is taken hostage by this uncertain water supply, children will be the primary beneficiaries of the donations collected by the “Acqua For Life” campaign.

The operation will initially begin in Ghana, supporting the Smart Water for Green Schools project: In this west African country some 40% of the rural population does not have access to drinking water. The money raised will then be used, over time, to finance similar operations in other countries.

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So if you buy a bottle of the scent there will be a code inside for you to start your own community, which will mean you are donating 100 Litres straight away. If you don't buy a bottle then you can join other communities (It's free!) This will donate 10 Litres just by you joining. Then you donate a further 1 litre for commenting, etc.

I have started my own community, and I would love it if you all join  me. It's really simple to do and you will be helping these poor children get the clean water that they need. If you would like to join my community all you need to do is this:

1. Go to the Facebook App
2. Like The Page.
3. Search for my Community by typing my name in the search box.
4. Then click 'Join' .. and you are done! .. Remember, it's free!

Here is a little example to help:

That is all, It's that easy! Please let me know if you join by leaving a comment in my community (it means you will donate more water!) 

Thank you!

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