Friday, March 11, 2011

- Illamasqua : Toxic Nature Collection.

Sadly I couldn't make the Illamasqua Toxic Nature event that I was invited to last week, But I was very lucky to be sent a couple of pieces in the post to have a play with. The whole collection is so eye catching to me, gorgeous images as ever, and the pretty summery pastel colours are just gorgeous. If I could afford the whole collection, it would be mine.

So, let's see what I received, shall we? ...
Purity Nail Varnish and Delirium Cream Pigment.

I love them both. My first impressions of the polish was that I loved the colour, however, since using it, I'm unsure of whether it suits me or not.. My first impressions of the cream pigment was that it wasn't really my colour.. Wrong!

Here is Purity £13.50 - It's a lovely Pastel Peach Cream colour, that is so unique and just screams Summer to me. I love it, but I am currently wearing it on my nails (NOTD soon) and I don't know if it suits me personally. I think it is much more suited to someone with a tan.. So maybe it will suit me better in the Summer! - It is very opaque, fast drying and hard wearing, Illamasqua polishes in general are brilliant quality polishes.
Onto the Delirium Cream Pigment £17.00. These are a new addition to Illamasqua described as water and crease resistant cream products for use on the face and body, and even in the hair. I love this, It is a matt rose taupe shade... I didn't think I would love it, but the colour is just lovely. I have been experimenting with it and it makes a great cream blush colour, and a really nice lip colour too. I have yet to try it on the eyes, but I am sure I will love that too. It is creamy, very pigmented and it blends like a dream.
Without Flash         --           With Flash.

Delirium on my lips .. Without flash & with ..
I LOVE IT!.. What a gorgeous rosy pretty nude shade! .. It does feel a tad drying, but apply some lip balm first and I think it goes on just fine.

So there you have it.. What do you think? .. I am really happy with both products, So thank you to the lovely ladies at Illamasqua for giving me the chance to try these out. I will have the Nail Post up tomorrow!

Thanks for reading everyone.. Let me know your thoughts.
PR Samples.

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Steph said...

I love Illamasqua products. I think its the packaging that always makes it look so high end. The colours of this collection are amazing. perfect for spring! i love the nail varnish, not sure if i would buy the cream pigment though. The only downside i think are the prices. xx