Tuesday, March 22, 2011

— Nails Inc 'Caramel' NOTD.

I got this polish a while back. This was the only colour they had left in boots, with the free bottles of Diet Coke. It wasn't really a colour choice I was bothered about, but I found that I love it more than I thought I would when I applied it.

It's a lovely bare nude colour that just looks sophisticated on, I think. Application was great, two coats for an opaque, long wearing finish. The quality of these polishes are great - but at their normal price of around £10, you would expect them to be good.

Anyway, here it is ..... (Without Flash, and with.)
It's lovely, and one of those shades that just had be glancing at my nails all day long! That's always a sure winner for me.. Do you like it?

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Yu said...

I love this shade, not many people seem to! I actually bought a back up off a blogsale :)