Saturday, March 05, 2011

» Sleek, Chic Hair - With Stylerush!

I was very fortunate to be sent some Stylerush straighteners recently. I love my hair when it is straightened and I always say I will do it more often, and then don't. I love the design of these, and the different colour selections caught my eye before I even tried them. They have Orange & White, Violet & White, Green & White (of course!) & then some Black ones too. I like the green, they are so unique!

"This ingenious professional styling tool is the latest straightener to arrive in the UK.  Its advanced technology within the body of the straightener allow you to master the art of creating those curls, flicks, waves in the hair you are looking to achieve.  Whatever length hair you have you can be sure to accomplish your desired look with ease..

The rounded barrel, smooth tilting plates and 360 degree swivel cord enable you to create that effortless look.  Not only have we produced a styler that is creative but is available in 4 sleek desirable colours for you to choose from. The Stylerush straightening ceramic hair straighteners takes only 60seconds to warm up with an on and off indicator. It also has a LED indicator with a 360 degree swivel cord. It has a cushion and tilting function. The Stylerush hair straightener is ideal for travel as it can be used anywhere in Europe."

Firstly, I really like the design of these, and the colour options. I have never seen straighteners like it, and I think it's a nice touch. The irons feel really sturdy and are light to hold. The exterior white plastic is really durable, and one of the things I love about it is that it has a nice pink iridescence shot through it.
They heat up super fast. It says within 60 seconds, but it is faster than that. They take about 30 seconds and get to a 180 / 200 degree heat, so pretty hot! .. There is a small LED on the On/Off switch that turns orange when you turn them on, and then flashes when they are ready to go.

They have a swivel cord so that you don't get tangled up when you are doing your hair, and they also come with a thermo bag and plastic cap to put on top while they are still hot, for safe storage, which is a great addition. They have perfectly smooth curved edges so that you can create curls, waves and flicks with them.

One of the big things for me with these is that they auto shut off if you happen to leave them on by mistake. I think after 30 minutes they turn off.. This is a great feature, because I have ruined flat irons in the past because of this. The only one thing I wish they had, was a feature so that you could control the temperature you use them at.

... So enough about the actual straighteners.. How do they perform? - Very well is the answer! The 1" plates glide through my hair with no pulling at all .. They have a cool cushion thing behind the ceramic coated plates, so that they don't pull or damage the hair. . Anyway, they glide through, straightening my hair to poker straight in a couple of strokes, my hair is thick and naturally curly too, so that is good. The ceramic plates close the cuticle of the hair, locking in super shine, and my hair is left looking glossy and silky smooth!

The proof is in the pudding ..
I can't believe that is my healthy looking hair! I never realized it had gotten so long either! The wonder of flat irons, eh?! .. I think it looks lovely!

I would say these are as good as some of the leading competitors without a doubt..

Take a look at the Stylerush Website, and the different coloured irons they have. They also sell the cutest mini's too, for your handbag, I need them! I cannot wait for the release of the curling tongs too!

I have done a video review on these on my channel.

The Irons I have, can be purchased here.
PR Sample.


Gaby Fauchon said...

It looks so cute in green! Seems like a great product. I have never heard of this brand before.

Anonymous said...

I like the different colours. Cool. You hair looks so shiny!

June said...

Added to my wishlist.

Sheila said...

I look at there website the colors are real nice. I luv the pink ones. I want them for my birthday now!