Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tropical Fresh & Blush. Revive your do with Batiste.

So I admit, I am a huge fan of dry shampoo, I've tried many different brands, but I always come back to one.

Batiste, yep. That's right - They are my fave .. They have a huge range of scents, coloured ones, and even glittery ones too!

I currently am using two different ones, and I love them equally. First is Blush:
The scent for blush is very floral, girlie and feminine. I love it, and I love the packaging too, it's pink, and I love pink! .. This freshens my locks, making them look like they're squeaky clean, and it leaves them smelling great, and the scent lasts too.

Then we have Tropical:
Now, I might be wrong but I think this is the first Batiste I ever tried. They were re packaging it, and so I got a bottle that was reduced. I can remember some members of my family (Mum and Nan) being surprised that you could still buy dry shampoo, and they rushed out to get some too. I never went back after buying that reduced can, and now I have been through bottle after bottle. This is a perfect summer scent, it smells fruity and coconut and mango like, very tropical. Again, it works great and the luscious scent lasts.

You can buy Batiste online at Boots, and in the store too.

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