Tuesday, April 19, 2011

.. GOSH: Long Lasting Brow Pen.

These are new from the revamped GOSH range that I showed you the eye shadows from. They are called Long Lasting Brow Pen's, and I was really excited about trying them out – I’ve always been a brow powder kinda girl, I find that pencil is too harsh on me and I end up looking like I literally drew my brows on.. Powder gives a softer look that can be blended.

These liner style felt tip pens are similar to the eyeliner pens you can get, but the colour is not as intense, It almost looks like it’s watered down – which is a good thing so that you don’t end up looking like you coloured your brows in!.. These are nice and easy to use and give a look of tiny hairs if you use small sweeping strokes. I was impressed from the first use, and have been enjoying using it on a daily basis – They last well, but remove easily with a good cleanser.
I was sent three colours: Wheat, Venetian Brown & Mahogany, but Venetian brown and mahogany are quiet red toned and don’t really go with the colour of my hair – Wheat is a pretty good match though, a nice subtle brown shade. I will keep the others for if I have a change of hair colour.. I quite fancy going vivid red again!

Overall I would give these a thumbs up, they are simple to use, last well and look natural.

PR Sample.


Computergirl said...

Ooo looks interesting. Must stop by the Gosh counter later x

Anonymous said...

ooo do they do a black one???

Marianna said...

I bought Wheat a couple of days ago and I use it on top of my usual brow powder. By creating little strokes it makes my eyebrows look less flat and really gives them texture-something I really need!

betwixt beauty said...

Look pretty good... How much are they?

Karen Clift said...

I brought the dark brown one today, would be impressed but still not dark enough.