Friday, April 08, 2011

- Maybelline 'Instant Anti-Age' Foundation and Primer.

I have been meaning to do this review for ages! I have had these since they first came out, and I did do a video review on them, back then - But I wanted to do a follow up here.

The Eraser Foundation:
I have the shade Ivory, which is the lightest. It looks hideously orange when I put it on my skin, but surprisingly it blends in well without leaving me looking like I have been tangoed. It blends in well and feels very light on the skin, however, it does leave my skin feeling quite slick and in need of powder. It looks quite nice and luminous if you like that look, but with my oily skin it's not a great look.

Once I have powdered it though, I like it. It looks good, like my skin but better - the coverage isn't great, I would say light - medium, but possibly buildable. It doesn't last all day though, before I get oily again, and I have to blot and powder after 4 to 6 hours or so.

The packaging is naff. I'm not even going to go into how unhygienic it is, I'm sure you can guess. It has a weird sponge thing at the top which the product comes though (eventually) .. It's a useless gimmick, just to make the applicator look like an eraser, so that you think it is erasing something. It won't. I pulled the sponge thing off and just put it onto the back of my hand.

So, all in all a pretty average foundation with dodgy packaging. I will use it for lazy days at home, but I wouldn't bother repurchasing - It just didn't work for me really.

The Smoother Primer:
My first thoughts on this were that the glass jar is tiny and that it wouldn't last long at all. I was wrong though, you hardly need any of this to covers your whole face. It feels very smooth, like the gosh velvet touch (that will be the silicone).. It mattifies my skin though and fills in pores, leaving a nice smooth base for my foundation.
It's a pink-ish transparent gel, and you really do only need a small amount. It does a good job of helping my foundation last throughout the day without getting slick too quickly. I give this a thumbs up. I like the packaging and the feel of it.

You can purchase both of these from Superdrug stores and online. They are £9.99 each.


Laurenxx said...

Oh I was wondering wether to try the primer out but its an expensive alternative to the 17 primer I am using now lol x

Unknown said...

I find this product is too much of a gimmick, very disappointing indeed. Thanks for your review :)

Lauren Baker said...

Nice review! I have no idea what they were thinking with that sponge packaging, haha.

Rachel.D said...

I fell for this gimmick of the eraser too but like you say its only light coverage really and not erasing at all. I can't believe they discontinued the mineral foundation which was lovely and brought this out instead :-( bad planning I think.