Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Thoughts: Dirty Works Wipes + Concealer.

Hey Lovelies!

Today I have a little review on a couple more products from the exclusive Sainsbury's range 'Dirty Works'. 
I tried a couple of things before, you can see the review here.
Dirty Works ‘Bye Bye Dark Circles’ Concealer
They Say: With soothing aloe and vitamin E. Instant cover up! Fragrance free.

Conceal those dark circles with this cute and compact camouflage cream duo – the perfect beauty fix! 

 Lighten Up! Instantly camouflage those dark circles and imperfections with this lightweight concealer. Contains soothing Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to help moisturise and provide antioxidant protection. 

I Say: I love this concealer, It contains soothing Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to help moisturise and provide antioxidant protection.  It has a good medium coverage, and it is buildable too. It is creamy and blends like a dream. The two colours work well on my skin tone too – there is a more yellowish toned shade and a slightly more salmon colour too. Mixed together they cover my under eye circles and blemishes well. For the price I think it is a bargain and would suggest you give it a go if you are on the look out for a new concealer. £4.99

They Say: Gentle and effective cleansing to remove make-up and impurities in one simple step. With skin soothing marshmallow and superfruit extract of cranberry.  Leaves your skin looking and feeling fresh! 

Ultra caring facial wipes. Feeling fruity! With superfruit extract of cranberry to help nourish and moisturise skin. Anti-oxidant properties also help to protect skin against ageing.

I Say: I love trying new cleansing wipes, and I never tend to stick with one brand that I prefer, I always try something new, looking for something I love. I rarely use them to take my entire make up off anyway, just to clean my face quickly, or if I am on the go. These wipes are nice, They contain super fruit extract of cranberry to help nourish and moisturise skin. Anti-oxidant properties also help to protect skin against ageing, They are large and strong too with a light fruity scent that isn’t irritating. They are nice and wet and they feel soft to the skin. You get 25 in the pack for £2.99.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Some Good Things! .. ?

Because I've been feeling negative a lot lately, and feeling poorly I figured I would do a positive post, focusing on some good things, for a change!

» I am loving Lady Gaga's new album, and the above song! It's fabulous-oo!

» Thanks to the lovely Carla, who emailed me and kindly told me how to do that you-tubey thing, up there.
» I'm happy that I'm going to have Simon Cowell back on my screen tonight. I heart him, and cannot wait for a week of his handsomeness! .. Oh, and haven't the judges put some shit through to the live shows? .. I suspect Simon will be using his buzzer quite a bit!

» Bank Holiday long weekends. Even it is is typical crappy weather. It's still a day off!

» Tiger Bread - Just had to throw that in, because it is so delicious! If you never tasted it, go do it.. Now!

» Toffee Crisp Clusters. One word. YUMMY!

» Feeling Loved. No matter how bad things are, or how down and sick you feel - Knowing that you are loved and cared about makes a difference. :)

» Breaking Dawn. Oh My God. I have finally read it. I had heard mixed things about it - some said not to read it as it would ruin everything, others told me it was the best one.. Of course, I had to read it. How could I not? -- Anyway, I loved it, lots. Best of the lot possibly. Roll on the films!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

- Schwarzkopf - Essensity Hair Products.

I was recently sent some hair products from Schwarzkopf's Essensity range to give a try. Their philosophy is 'Powered By Nature' and you can read much more about the whole range here, on their website.

I chose to try out the moisture shampoo and conditioner as my hair can be quite dry often. I really enjoyed using both of these. Firstly, the scent of them is nice, not overpowering at all, just a light fragrance.

Moisture Shampoo: I found that this shampoo lathered really well and deeply moisturised the hair, leaving it soft and manageable - So much so that when I rinsed I didn't even feel like I needed any conditioner. This has Organic Essence of Aloe Vera, Organic Olive Oil in it too, which I am sure help to add moisture to dry coarse hair.

Moisture Conditioner: This just add even more moisture, softening my hair to the max. I like to leave it on for about 3 minutes while I get on with something else, and then comb it through before I rinse. My hair is left so smooth and feeling soft.

After using both of these and once my hair is dry, it looks so much more healthy that before, especially the dry ends. I would definitely recommend this if you hair is in need of some moisture!
To finish off, I like to use the Essensity Natural Shine Serum. This is a finishing product that smooths the surface of the hair shaft to leave it silky-smooth, soft and touchable. It is so light, and doesn't feel sticky or heavy on my hair at all. I especially like to use it after flat ironing my hair. It leaves it looking salon fresh! It controls fly-aways and tames frizzy and unruly hair, restoring a velvety shine with minimum fuss!

Here is my shiny healthy hair! :)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

♥ The A to Z of me.

-Age: Twenty Eight... It doesn't look better when I write it! .. Yes, 28.

-Bed Size: King Size, and nice and comfy and snuggly. Mmm bed!

 -Chore you Hate: Cleaning the bathroom. Ugh.

-Dogs: Cute. My my mum has two lovely puppies!

-Essential start of your day: Brush my teeths!

-Favourite Colour: Black, or pink.

-Gold or Silver: Silver.

-Height: 5'8".

-Instruments I play: Zilch. But I attempted to learn the flute and saxophone at school. I failed.

-Job Title: Currently I am just a beauty blogger. I wish blogging was my job!

-Kids: None.

-Live: Leeds, with my lovely boyfriend.

-Mum's name: Sylvia. I love her so, so much. ♥

-Nickname: Sophster.

-Pet Peeve: Lateness and Rude, Nasty, Bitchy Bully People!

-Quote from a movie: "Tell me about it, stud"   - Sandy, Grease.

-Right or left handed: Right.

-Siblings: Older Brother, Peter. ♥ Younger Sister, Chloe. ♥

-Time you wake up: Oooh, about 7/8ish at the moment. I'm in a 'get up early' kinda habit .. for now.

-Underwear: What about it? I like t be comfortable!

-Vegetables you dislike: Swede.

-What makes you run late: Spending way too long faffing with my make up. But I HATE being late.

-X-rays you've had done: Teeths.

-Yummy food you make: Oooh, Um. I dunno. I make a good salad! ;)

-Zoo animal: It's gotta be any big cat. Love 'em.

Friday, May 27, 2011

- Revlon Rainbow Nails..

How pretty does that look?!

It’s a recent-ish nail of the day (or week – this lasted ages, I think 5+ days!) It’s the lovely Gray Suede from Revlon, with GOSH Rainbow polish to finish it off. I love how sophisticated the Revlon nude shade looks, but the Rainbow just jazzes it up and makes it a little more eye catching! I used three thin coats of gray suede for a fully opaque finish, and then just one coat of rainbow over the top. Revlon are in my opinion some of the best long lasting polishes, for me anyway.

I love the effect! What do you think?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

.. John Frieda '3 DAY Straight' Review.

Transform curly, frizzy hair into a straight, smooth style that lasts up to 3 days.*
Designed to work with your hair straighteners, this weightless spray with heat protection blocks out frizz as you straighten. A revolutionary blend of polymers with keratin protein wraps each strand, sealing in straight style for up to 3 days.* Keeps hair glossy, smooth and swinging with body.
Safe for colour-treated and chemically-treated hair.
*Or until your next shampoo if less than 3 days.
This stuff is fab! All you do is just spray it onto your damp hair, then blow-dry, and then straighten it in, like proper straightening, section the hair, and be really thorough. It has quite a  nice smell to it I thought, like a hair product-y scent.

One thing I noticed while drying my hair is that you can feel it in your hair, it felt a bit sticky, like mousse would. Once I started straightening though, it became smooth, lovely, shiny-ness. I was very impressed - it looked 'walk out of the salon straight' and it did last for the three days.

I have naturally curly and frizzy hair, so for my hair to stay nice and straight for three days is very impressive.

I would recommend this, and I will definitely use it again. You can purchase this online here.

Here is a little before and after - they are not amazing as I took them on my blackberry.

 PR Sample.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Quest For Healthy Teeth!

I occasionally suffer from sensitive teeth along the bottom teeth, which can be really annoying sometimes. I would say that my teeth are a little sensitive 'in general' but not overly so. I certainly can't bite into ice lollies and such, and I take about 40 minutes to eat an ice cream or something really cold!

So, when I heard about the new Repair and protect toothpaste from Sensodyne, I was intrigued. I have tried other toothpastes for sensitive teeth before, but never really felt any different. But this one sounded very interesting and as I am on a quest for a healthy feeling / looking mouth, I went for it.

This is what they say:
Delivers clinically proven relief from the pain of dentine hypersensitivity
Proven resistance of reparative layer to daily oral challenges
Contains NovaMin® which builds a protect layer over exposed dentine
Employs the same bioactive material used in advanced bone regeneration research
Sensitivity occurs when the dentine underneath tooth enamel becomes exposed. When exposed dentine comes into contact with hot or cold, sweet, sour or even your toothbrush it can trigger the nerve, causing a short sharp pain. Traditional desensitising toothpastes deal with sensitivity simply by treating the pain. Sensodyne Repair & Protect is different. Using advanced desensitising technology, it works to repair the teeth themselves from the first use, building a reparative layer over exposed dentine using the natural building blocks of teeth. As well as relieving pain, this helps repair, strengthen and provide protection against future damage... every day. 21st century dentistry looks to prevention.

Why use Sensodyne Repair & Protect?
Sensodyne Repair & Protect with NovaMin® is different from other toothpastes. NovaMin® formula releases the natural building blocks of teeth: calcium and phosphate. These ions form a protective mineral layer to repair the vulnerable areas of the tooth. With twice daily use, new Sensodyne Repair & Protect continuously repairs, strengthens and protects your teeth with its unique, clinically proven concentrated calcium formula. It also has a fresh minty taste to leave your mouth feeling clean and fresh.
What is NovaMin®?

NovaMin® is advanced calcium phosphate technology; it acts as a calcium phosphate ion reservoir to build a hyrdroxyapatite like layer over exposed dentine and within tubules. NovaMin® employs the same patented bioactive material used in advanced bone regeneration techniques.

How does NovaMin® work?
When NovaMin® comes into contact with saliva it releases calcium and phosphate ions. This release promotes the dynamic mineralisation of dentine to build a substantive reparative layer.

So, I have been using this for about a three to four weeks now, and I feel results! The little sensitivity that I did feel on occasion hasn't been felt at all, and I have had a few ice creams, what with all the lovely warm weather!.. I didn't really think I would feel a difference, because I never have before, but I certainly haven't had any sensitivity since using this. I think if you suffer from sensitivity you should definitely give this a try, you have nothing to lose!

It is a lovely toothpaste in general, a nice lasting minty fresh scent which leaves my teeth feeling dazzling and clean. I recommend it!

f you fancy trying this out, it is currently on offer at Tesco, in store and online here!

... Now, my next mission is to whiten my teeth. Any tips for that?!

PR Sample.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

- Remington 'Pearl' Conical Wand.

You would think that with me having naturally curly hair that I wouldn't need anything to help make it curlier, but sometimes I like to straighten my hair, and then add a few loose curls to jazz it up a bit. Natural curls can sometimes look a bit frizzy and I like the 'defined loose waves throughout straight hair' look.

So, for the past couple of months or so I have been trying out the Remington Pearl Conical Wand, which was kindly sent to me. Firstly, let me say how nice it looks, with a small flower detail on the handle - little things like that make me happy. It comes with a glove so that you don't burn your fingers, and a heat proof pouch to keep it in when you are not using it.

What They Say:
The latest in styling innovation, this Remington Pearl Hair Curling Wand Ci95 has a high-tech barrel with an innovative coating that makes it super smooth. Precious pearl power incorporated into the Advanced Ceramic coating of the barrel makes it eight times smoother and five times longer lasting than standard Ceramic wands. 

No snagging or catching, the wand glides effortlessly through the hair to create super sleek high definition curls. The latest in styling innovation, this Remington Pearl Hair Curling Wand Ci95 has a high-tech barrel with an innovative coating that makes it super smooth. Precious pearl power incorporated into the Advanced Ceramic coating of the barrel makes it eight times smoother and five times longer lasting than standard Ceramic wands. 

No snagging or catching, the wand glides effortlessly through the hair to create super sleek high definition curls.
Want to create movement with waves or curls then the Remington Pearl Wand Ci95 is the wand for you. No traditional tong clamp – just wrap strands of hair around the smooth conical barrel, holding the cool tip at the end and in seconds create boho-chic bouncy curls with just a twirl.

So Hot!

With a high-tech lockable digital display and the widest heat range on the market (130-210°C) you can be in complete control of the temperature that has just the right curl power for you. The Remington Pearl Wand Ci95 heats up in a speedy 30 seconds so you can be the first to hit the town.

Lust-Have, Must-Have

Not only does Remington Pearl perform to perfection, but it looks stunning too. High gloss black contrasts with a subtle and stylish oriental cherry blossom motif to create a curling wand that should be on everyone’s lust-have wish list.

What I Say:
First impressions were a bit disappointing, I failed at using it. I had seen videos on you tube about how to do it, and I had curled my mum's hair with her conical wand one Christmas - but using it to curl your own hair is much more difficult that I first thought it would be. I kept at it though, and with practice I think I have almost mastered it! –

The wand heats up to around 210 degrees, and gets very hot, the gloves comes in really handy so that you don't burn your fingers! I like to twist my hair, and then twist the twisted hair around the wand and hold it for no more than ten seconds, when I let go I have nice defined waves and curls.
If you are thinking about trying a conical wand, I would definitely recommend this one, it's under £26 and you can create some lovely styles with it, just be prepared to practice a little before you get the hang of it - it's not as easy as it looks (or it wasn't for me!) - I love it now though, and it's so quick and easy to use.

You can purchase the Remington Pearl Conical Wand from here, priced at £25.99.