Saturday, May 28, 2011

♥ The A to Z of me.

-Age: Twenty Eight... It doesn't look better when I write it! .. Yes, 28.

-Bed Size: King Size, and nice and comfy and snuggly. Mmm bed!

 -Chore you Hate: Cleaning the bathroom. Ugh.

-Dogs: Cute. My my mum has two lovely puppies!

-Essential start of your day: Brush my teeths!

-Favourite Colour: Black, or pink.

-Gold or Silver: Silver.

-Height: 5'8".

-Instruments I play: Zilch. But I attempted to learn the flute and saxophone at school. I failed.

-Job Title: Currently I am just a beauty blogger. I wish blogging was my job!

-Kids: None.

-Live: Leeds, with my lovely boyfriend.

-Mum's name: Sylvia. I love her so, so much. ♥

-Nickname: Sophster.

-Pet Peeve: Lateness and Rude, Nasty, Bitchy Bully People!

-Quote from a movie: "Tell me about it, stud"   - Sandy, Grease.

-Right or left handed: Right.

-Siblings: Older Brother, Peter. ♥ Younger Sister, Chloe. ♥

-Time you wake up: Oooh, about 7/8ish at the moment. I'm in a 'get up early' kinda habit .. for now.

-Underwear: What about it? I like t be comfortable!

-Vegetables you dislike: Swede.

-What makes you run late: Spending way too long faffing with my make up. But I HATE being late.

-X-rays you've had done: Teeths.

-Yummy food you make: Oooh, Um. I dunno. I make a good salad! ;)

-Zoo animal: It's gotta be any big cat. Love 'em.

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