Wednesday, May 18, 2011

.. John Frieda '3 DAY Straight' Review.

Transform curly, frizzy hair into a straight, smooth style that lasts up to 3 days.*
Designed to work with your hair straighteners, this weightless spray with heat protection blocks out frizz as you straighten. A revolutionary blend of polymers with keratin protein wraps each strand, sealing in straight style for up to 3 days.* Keeps hair glossy, smooth and swinging with body.
Safe for colour-treated and chemically-treated hair.
*Or until your next shampoo if less than 3 days.
This stuff is fab! All you do is just spray it onto your damp hair, then blow-dry, and then straighten it in, like proper straightening, section the hair, and be really thorough. It has quite a  nice smell to it I thought, like a hair product-y scent.

One thing I noticed while drying my hair is that you can feel it in your hair, it felt a bit sticky, like mousse would. Once I started straightening though, it became smooth, lovely, shiny-ness. I was very impressed - it looked 'walk out of the salon straight' and it did last for the three days.

I have naturally curly and frizzy hair, so for my hair to stay nice and straight for three days is very impressive.

I would recommend this, and I will definitely use it again. You can purchase this online here.

Here is a little before and after - they are not amazing as I took them on my blackberry.

 PR Sample.


Gemx said...

This sounds great, I was worried it might feel horrible, like there was product in my hair! I straighten my hair every day so it would be good to try it and rescue my fried hair :P xxx

Demonicsmurfette said...

Wonderful! I've been hoping to see some reviews on this. How is it on the scalp btw? Mine is quite sensitive so I've held off from buying this.