Friday, May 27, 2011

- Revlon Rainbow Nails..

How pretty does that look?!

It’s a recent-ish nail of the day (or week – this lasted ages, I think 5+ days!) It’s the lovely Gray Suede from Revlon, with GOSH Rainbow polish to finish it off. I love how sophisticated the Revlon nude shade looks, but the Rainbow just jazzes it up and makes it a little more eye catching! I used three thin coats of gray suede for a fully opaque finish, and then just one coat of rainbow over the top. Revlon are in my opinion some of the best long lasting polishes, for me anyway.

I love the effect! What do you think?

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Marianna said...

I LOVE Revlon and GOSH nail polishes! Have you tried GOSH Miss Sweety polish? It is a really pretty nude. Love the nails :D xox