Monday, May 30, 2011

Some Good Things! .. ?

Because I've been feeling negative a lot lately, and feeling poorly I figured I would do a positive post, focusing on some good things, for a change!

» I am loving Lady Gaga's new album, and the above song! It's fabulous-oo!

» Thanks to the lovely Carla, who emailed me and kindly told me how to do that you-tubey thing, up there.
» I'm happy that I'm going to have Simon Cowell back on my screen tonight. I heart him, and cannot wait for a week of his handsomeness! .. Oh, and haven't the judges put some shit through to the live shows? .. I suspect Simon will be using his buzzer quite a bit!

» Bank Holiday long weekends. Even it is is typical crappy weather. It's still a day off!

» Tiger Bread - Just had to throw that in, because it is so delicious! If you never tasted it, go do it.. Now!

» Toffee Crisp Clusters. One word. YUMMY!

» Feeling Loved. No matter how bad things are, or how down and sick you feel - Knowing that you are loved and cared about makes a difference. :)

» Breaking Dawn. Oh My God. I have finally read it. I had heard mixed things about it - some said not to read it as it would ruin everything, others told me it was the best one.. Of course, I had to read it. How could I not? -- Anyway, I loved it, lots. Best of the lot possibly. Roll on the films!


Carlito86 said...

When I discovered Toffee Crisp Clusters last year I was so addicted! Not had them in ages! Glad you liked Breaking Dawn, don't understand why people said not to read it though, why would someone not want to read it after reading the other three?! I liked it too, looking forward to the films xx

Unknown said...

No, I agree. I couldn't have not read it! It was an amazing read. Thanks again for the email - I've linked to your blog now too :) xx

Marianna said...

OMG Tiger Bread!! My boyfriend was obsessed with it and got me to try it and now I am hooked :)I actually haven't read the Twilight books, for some reason I am really into Philippa Gregory books now (The Red Queen to be exact) but I will have to eventually read them.

Unknown said...

I'm loving Lady Gaga's new album. It's been on repeat ever since it arrived! Omg tiger bread is the best! xxx

Unknown said...

What? Simon Cowell is coming back? Who's he replacing? I liked the 2 new judges!

Unknown said...

No, He's back for the Live Semi Finals and Finals - The other three remain!