Monday, June 27, 2011

- China Glaze Promo Inspired Look.

Hello Everyone!

So lately I've been getting a bit inspired by images of make up, and attempting to recreate them. It's fun to experiment and see what you can do.

I came across the promo image for the China Glaze Crackle Polishes, which you can see here. I love the bright coloured smokey eye make up, and the nails .. the lips however, hmmm.. I was in two minds about those, but in the name of fun, here you go!

Green lips. Yep.       (Long silence)       .. Needless to say, I can't pull them off like she can! I got the shade wrong too, but whatever! I would never have gone out with green lips anyway, They're not for me.

The rest of the look I love, the dramatic smokey eyes with green/turquoise are very me. I used all colours from the Urban Decay Deluxe Palette for them, mainly the green, blue and black, with a hint of purple.

And then..... I wiped off the lipstick, and took a more normal pic!
Better, right? .. I think so!

What do you think of this crazy look? .. You can see the nails I did for the look, here.


Leticia said...

LOVE that eye! I am going to bookmark this so I can recreate it later. :) Great job!

AnNeTtEe said...

wow! u did an awesome job with the eyes!!! it looks amazing!

btw, I just noticed on your sidebar that u love True Blood... I'm obsessed with True Blood as well!! high five!!! LOL did you get to watch it last night? did u feel like you're watching a whole different show?? I did... LOL it was weird

Carlito86 said...

Love the eye make up :) x

Caroline said...

love the eyes! haha i actually really want a green lipstick so i can look like enid from ghost world xx

Unknown said...

I love it! The eye is just beautiful. I love brightly coloured lips personally so I think it looks great with the green, but I can totally understand you not being comfortable with it :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Everyone!

Lillian, I did think of you, and thought you may be someone who liked the green, I'm just not sure it suits me?!


liloo said...

i didnt like the lip colour so much but the eyes are to die for xx

Unknown said...

Thanks Liloo. I'm not a fan of the lips much either. :)