Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Review: OSiS Refresh Dust + Pump My Curls.

I have an obsession with hair products. I must have a dressing table full of them, it's crazy! But I love trying new things that promise to do new things, and make my hair amazing.

At the moment I am embracing the big natural voluminous look of my hair, rather than using my Cloud 9's. You may have seen me say it before, but my hair is curly, frizz prone and I have lots of it.

I was sent the two products above to try out, and I'm very excited by them both, they are perfect for my curly hair, plus I absolutely love the Schwartzkopf OSiS range.

The Refresh Dust : This is a dry shampoo type product. It is a powder spray that simply makes your greasy looking hair look fresh and revived. It's really a nice product, I love the packaging, it's so sleek and eye catching.

As a dry shampoo it's great, it does what it says on the tin, it freshens your hair up, giving it a new lease of life, and another day or two of not needing to be washed. I personally have a huge collection of dry shampoos and this is a welcome addition. This product is also brilliant as a volume product, just spray at the roots, ruffle your fingers through, and voila! Instant volume.

The Pump My Curls : I am in love with this product, it's brilliant for my natural curls. It's really cool too, it's a spray, but when it is sprayed into your hand or directly onto the hair, it turns to a cream.

It smells lush and gives me big curls that stay in place, it definitely has good hold, but not a hard 'I've got a ton of mousse on my hair' crunchy hold - It's really natural and bouncy. This is my go to curling product at the moment. Just spritz onto damp hair, scrunch and let it dry.

So all in all, a thumbs up from me. I love the OSiS Range. Have you tried anything from it?

OSiS is available from The Hair Supermarket.


Anonymous said...

I need to try the Pump My Curls! It sounds fabulous!! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

yes i tried it and i love it too!! it is amazing :D i am defenetly gonna try that osis pump my curls