Saturday, July 02, 2011

.. Bright Yellow Nails.

I've had this yellow nail polish for a while now, and have been dying to try it, but wasn't sure it would be for me. However, when I saw Charlotte's NOTD the other day I was totally inspired, and went straight to paint my nails yellow!

On the advice of others I used a base coat, as I had heard that it stains badly.. and I've just spent a week trying to get rid of yellow stains from my Ninja Nails.

Here is the yellow alone, I LOVE it. It's so bright and glossy and gorgeous! This shade is 'Yellow Peril' from BeautyUK and is rather opaque and impressive. I used two coats.
For some reason I felt like seeing what it looked like with nail effects on top... It looked cool, but not as nice as it looked without it, I don't think! I wished I had only put it on an accent nail as soon as I had put it on.
What do you think? With or without?


Hannah Kimberley said...

I am loving yellow at the moment! Such a summery colour! I think I prefer it without the nail effect too! xx

Unknown said...

Hmm I like both! I love crackle so I'm a bit biased. It's lovely on it's own too, such a nice summery colour :)

Demonicsmurfette said...

Pretty! I'd be so tempted to put black stripes instead of the Nail Effects. Bee nails!