Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Your Link.. My Link.. Let's share.

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Hi Guys,

I have had a little play with my blog and created some new pages, some of you may have noticed.

I want to add some more links to blogs in my OTHER LINKS area.

So, if you want to add me to your blog roll, I'll add your link to my link page, and we can share the love.

Just leave me a link to your blog below, and the name of your blog.

Thank you!


K said...

Hope you add me! You've been on my blog roll for a while!

Rachel said...

I'm liking the new setup sweets, very nice :D

Your on my blog love roll anyways :)

Such a lovely idea to help us help each other:

ClaireSlapStitch said...

It's a fab idea! It would be great if you could add me :-)

JL said...

Added you :)

Tink said...

Im a blog newbie so would appreciate it :) i'll create a love sharing page too this weekend and make sure I add you :D x

Olivia said...

Your blog is great!Nice to follow a UK blogger because I know I can get the products :)

I'm not sure if your interested in art and design, if so you could check out my blog if you have time...


Demonicsmurfette said...

I've been a long time follower but just started my own blog so I'm very low on followers and would love your feedback.

Bella-Marie said...

hey :) Loving the new pages! Im looking forward to having a good browse through! We've followed each other for a bit and you're already on my blogroll :)


Kzazzle "It's A Lifestyle" said...

What a brilliant idea. Thanks for the opportunity. Have a Kzazzle day.

Alexandra HRH said...

Great idea, so sweet of you to share the love. I'll be sure to do the same and keep it going! :)

21st & Serendipity

KIM said...

ahh what a sweat idea!!

My blog is about Beauty and Fashion

I'll put you into mine blog list! :)

Unknown said...

I've recently started my own blog but I've been reading yours for well over six months/possibly a year. You're on my blog roll so if you could link me on here, that would be awesome :)

My link is here:

It's just a blog about all things beauty really :)