Thursday, August 04, 2011

Fragrance: Giorgio Armani Sport Code.

Recently I was sent a bottle of the Giorgio Armani Sport Code Fragrance for review, Well, for my boyfriend actually. He's been using it for the past month or so, so here are our thoughts.

My BF's signature scent is always Jean Paul Gaulitier Le Male, and this fragrance is very different to that, but still very nice in a different way. This scent is very masculine, with a citrus like musky hint to it. As soon as he wore this for the first time he said he thought he preferred it to his usual Jean Paul Gaultier. That surprised me.

It does smell very good though, one of those scents that lingers for hours, and I keep on breathing in and going 'Mmm, it smells so good' (Always a sign of a good scent!) My boyfriend is very happy with it, and it is his scent of the moment, so he must like it.

Armani collaborated with with celebrated Belgian graphic novelist Philippe Francq for the imagery. The fragrance concept centres around seduction, losing control and game-playing. The advertising campaign features a Los Angeles swimming pool at night, complete with a lone male swimmer watched by a mystery woman (new fragrance face, actress Megan Fox).
You can get a sample of this fragrance now, by going to if you would like to try it out!

You can purchase a full sized bottle from most perfume counters, or here.

PR Sample.

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