Tuesday, August 09, 2011

I used to be scared of tanning! - Tan Solutions Review!

Let me start this review by giving you a little background on me and tanning. I am pale, pasty and white. I've always embraced the pale to be honest I don't like to sit in the sun, sunbeds scare me, and sprays tans and the like are so temporary that I've never bothered.

I've always toyed with the idea of braving some bottled fake tan. I even have about four bottles of St Moriz and some Xen Tan on my dressing table - But I've always just thought 'No, I'll leave it. I'll make a big fat mess!'.

Recently someone from Tan Solutions got in touch with me and after telling me a little about them, and me looking at their website, I agreed for them to send me some products to try.

The thing that scares me most about tanning is doing it, I am so inexperienced, and I'm afraid that I will end up looking orange, streaky and plain stupid. My boyfriend promised he would give me a hand on the harder to reach places though. (ooo-er!)

Tan Solutions were very generous and sent me loads to try. I was a bit overwhelmed and worried as I looked at all the different options, but I've finally managed to try them all, on friends, my boyfriend, family and myself. So now I can give my thoughts.

-I'll start with my favourite first, The Self Tan Lotion £30 (Fair/Medium) : This is quite a pricey tan at £30, but it really is marvellous. It's a lovely lotion that sinks in effortlessly, and leaves a really nice natural looking tan. The lotion is coloured, which makes the application easier. It smells good, and it's buildable too, if you want a darker colour.

-Next up, The Express Tan Liquid £22. This terrified me. It is a dark scary looking liquid that comes with a tanning mitt, but actually it is really great. It dries super fast and leaves and instant bronzy deep tan on the skin. It's suitable for the body and face, and I did use it for my face when I tanned. I applied it over some moisturiser, just so that I didn't look like I had been tangoed. It looked fine!

-The Easy Tan Wash Off £15. This was the first product I tried, and sort of practised with, because I knew if I messed up that I could wash it off. This gives a lovely instant medium coloured tan. I prefer it for the legs and chest/neck area. I found that when I used it on my arms it would look silly when I washed my hands and went up my arm, Oops!

-Lastly for tanning, The Dark/Very Dark Foam. £20. Eeeek. Dark/Very Dark makes me shiver, I would never use this on myself, I am way too fair and would be so scared that I would look silly. I let my mum use it though (She is quite tan already). I'm familiar with foam, and I like how it applies - this blends in easy, and dries quite fast, developing quickly. It definitely topped up my mum's tan, and she is now looking like she has been on her holidays before she even goes!

-The last product, which is a body product. Shimmer Sparkle Spray £15. This is lovvvely! This is a bronzey tinted spray that gives a subtle bronzey glow to the skin. Make sure to spray from a good distance though, as it can look quite dark. I love this for when my legs are on show (I show them more when they are tanned! Yay!) .. It looks so nice, and gives such a nice shimmer, without chunky glitterness.
Overall I am very happy that I got the chance to try these. They are definitely good quality tanning products. All of them give a nice rich colour without any orange hint, and they all smell great - I did not detect ANY hint of digestive biscuit. They have a nice fruity scent that lasts.

Do you love to fake tan, or do you embrace the pale? .. I'm happy either way, but I have found that having a tan does give me a little boost, I love it!

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Jane said...

I've heard some good things about these. I must try them out. That shimmer spray looks so pretty.

Mina said...

Do you only review things that you are sent for free? I don't trust your blog.

Unknown said...

Take a look around, you'll see that I review many things on my blog, from PR and items purchased by myself. I have no reason to lie in any of my reviews, But If you don't trust my blog, then don't read it. Simple.

Anonymous said...

I tried the lotion, I love it. It gives such natural looking tan.