Wednesday, September 28, 2011

GOSH - Cool Lip Jams.

Oooh, I love a sticky lipgloss, me!

These are the two GOSH Cool Lip Jam's that I own, and I really think they deserve a post of their own. I know that some of you are probably thinking 'What! You like sticky lipgloss!' Well yes, I do. To me they last longer, and don't feel so wet. These really are sticky, kind of like jam.

I'm not 100% sure if GOSH still sell these, since they revamped the range, but I hope they do, as there are other shades I would like to try.

So as you can see, I have a white one and a blue one. They're really not white or blue at all though. They have a sort of flash of colour through them, but the base colour is quite subtle.

The blue one is number 101 (these don't have names) and is a clear gloss that is packed with blue shimmers. Blue gloss is great for brightening up other lipsticks, and it makes your teeth look whiter too!

The other one, number 100 is a creamy sheer pearl with violet shimmer shot through it - It's more intense that the blue one, and I think I like it just a little better - But they are both really nice glosses.

They last well, wear off without looking all gross on the lips, and they are only about £7 or so.
These are not on the superdrug website, but they are included in this years Christmas Makeup Kits from GOSH, which would lead me to think that they do still sell them individually.


Nadia said...

I love these, and how they taste! I think you can still buy them. They have a nice pink one.

Summer said...

Ooooh, these are so pretty, especially the one with violet sparkles! I have a similar colour and I absolutely adore wearing it - so unique and pretty <3

Em said...

i have shade 107, and unlike you, i hate a sticky lipgloss, but this has swayed me, the staying power is immense, and the colour is subtle with a shimmer, a new found love xx

Unknown said...

They are lovely glosses. Thank for the comments all :)