Friday, September 23, 2011

- My MAC Lipsticks.

Someone recently sent me an email asking to see my MAC lipstick collection. I wasn't sure whether to bother or not, as it is not large by any means. I have four!

I love them all though, and thought I would do a little post with some swatches. I really like the quality of the MAC lipsticks that I own, but they are quite pricey, and I do believe that you can buy just as good quality lippies from other 'drugstore' brands for less.

The shades that I have are:

Pretty Please - This is a lovely sheer nude-ish lipstick. It does not blank out the lips, just gives a nice sheer 'my lips but nicer' look. It's very easy to wear, and just 'slap' on when I'm in a rush.

Snob - This is a definite fave, a pink / lavender shade. So creamy, so pigmented. I love it, it has a matte creamy finish, which is a fave for me.

Girl About Town - This is the most awesome bright, bright pink! This is an amplified lipstick and the pigmentation is insane, it glides on and just looks *wow*.

Rebel - Probably my current fave. I had this for ages, untouched. I don't know why. It's a deep burgundy / pink shade. I think it's perfect for autumn/winter, and I know I'm going to be wearing it lots.
I do love them all, and there are lots of other shades that I know I would like to try some day!

What is your number one mac lipstick?

MAC Lipsticks are £13.50. Buy them at your local counter, or online.


Computergirl said...

I dont have these four, but I do need to get snob! Thanks for sharing x

Unknown said...

really nice lipstick colours. i would buy myself: russian red, creme d'nude, shy girl and vegas volt :) mac have such gorgeous colours! love them.


Benish@getsettoshine said...

i love snob...its the bestest:) your collection is good.

Anonymous said...

I love a lot of MAC lipsticks but Peachstock is up there for sure, alongside Creme D'nude and Vegas Volt!

socialitedreams said...

i neeeeeed rebel! i keep being wowed by it :D

Vonnie of