Thursday, October 20, 2011

Beauty Hauly, Haul! :)

Hey Lovelies!

I never usually bother with hauls when I get new things, and I should - So this time I have. I had a little money saved and went shopping last week to treat myself.
Boots and superdrug were my shops of choice (which they pretty much always are), and I picked up a few nice bits.

I have some closer pictures and shades, etc. It's a little picture heavy though!

So here is what I got. I've photographed it by brands. See how I couldn't wait to use them before taking pictures? .. I was too excited to play with them all!

Boots No7 Cheek tint #15 - Rose Silk: I'm a fan of cream blushers, and hardly have any in my collection, so with a £5 off No7 voucher, I pick this up for just £4 to try. It's a nice consistency, and dries to a smooth powder finish.
Revlon 'Facets of fuchsia' polish £6.49: I've seen this all over the blogosphere recently, and knew I wanted it. They were sold out in Superdrug, but they had two left in Boots, so I snapped it up! It has a sheer black base colour and is packed with pink fine glitter, and some bigger chunks too. NOTD to come soon! Love!
Magnetized Polish 'Lilac': I had to get a magnetized polish, I had seen images of the ones that the Saturdays were wearing in some campaign and I was pleased to see that a drugstore brand had created one. It's cool, I've only tested it so far, but the results are impressive.

Supreme Shine Lipstick 'Day-Glo': This lipstick shade was one I Uhmm'd and Ahh'd over! I am VERY into lipstick right now, and I'm wanting to add some bolder shades to my collection. I almost went with a bright pink, but I have a ton of those, and so I went for day-glo, I love it! It is very bright, almost orange/coraly/pink. The packaging is great too. So fancy!
The above was a free gift with purchase if you bought two or more items from No17. I didn't notice this until the last minute - but I am glad I did, you gotta love a free gift! It has a liquid liner, a lovely festive lipgloss, and one of their eyeshadows, in a shade I don't own! I really like these eyeshadows.
Boots Natural Collection products are 3 for £5, and I wanted to get another lipstick in a brighter colour than nude from them, and I also love their blushers. The lipstick is in the shade 'Cranberry' although it looks red in the picture, it really isn't, it's more of a muted pink colour. The blusher is (I think) the shade 'Dusky Rose', and it is lovely! So pigmented, smooth and gives a lovely flush to the cheeks. The green thing is a concealer, obviously! I've wanted a green anti-redness concealer for ages, so grabbed this because it was there, it's okay, not the best - I think I need to try something with more coverage than this.
2True is a Superdrug range, again with 3 products for £4.99. Bargain! My main reason for going there was to get a cheap clear mascara to use for my brows. I found that and then found a stunning deep cherry red lipstick that I though would be perfect for the upcoming festivities. Then, to my surprise, I found a crackle polish, in a glitter silver! I didn't expect much from this, but thought it would be worth a try. I have to say though, I have tested it, and the results are impressive - I like!
And lastly, the new L'Oreal universal lipglow. I'd seen this on multiple blogs, and the way it looks is was drew to me it. It's alright, I don't really get it though. It's just a balm, and it doesn't really do much to my lips. Tell me, what should I expect from this? .. That aside though, I love that it's a transparent pink glassy looking bullet, so pretty! This was £6.49.

Whew! So there you have it. my haul. I also got some soft and gentle deodorant which is in the first picture. I don't think you need any details on that one.

Thanks for reading! Sorry it was so picture heavy, and I hope that you enjoyed. Do you have any of these products? What are your thoughts on them?


Lieke said...

Love the nailpolish!

Gaby Fauchon said...

That girl on the Femme Noir box set looks like Mila Jovovich LOL!

Wish we had Natural Collection here ):

Anonymous said...

The universal lip glow is supposed to adapt to the individuals body heat and moisture , for an individual colour, mine goes a subtle reddish colour , a bit gimmicky i think