Saturday, October 29, 2011

♥ I'm in love... with a hairbrush!

Meet the lovely, amazing, gorgeous Tangle Tamer, by Denman! God, I love this this.

The Denman pink Tangle Tamer is a great way to gently remove tangles from hair, whether you are using it on your children or you! The gentle bristles are soft and flexible enough not to cause tugging and are of varying lengths in order to achieve even, detangled hair. The air cushioned base ensures maximum flexibility to the scalps shape and pain-free use, so you wont have to worry about causing painful tugging during brushing.
It is a saviour, a godsend, I love it! can you tell? .. So, as the description says, it has soft bristles .. Yes it does, but they have a bit of backbone and then get right through my hair, and to my scalp. This is perfect for brushing my hair after shampooing... and let me tell you, combing my hair after washing it before the tangle tamer was a nightmare, now I don't dread it, it's simple, easy and painless. Aside from all of that, it's cute because it's bright pink and a nice little size. This is also a great brush for dry hair, smoothing and styling, and it is especially great for back combing. ♥
I am yet to try any of the other de tangle brushes or combs that are out there, but this has impressed me greatly, and I would recommend it to anybody.

have you tried this? // It's also available here.


Lauren - Scrapbook Blog said...

I reckon I need to get one of these! My hair is literally a matted mess at all times, (partly because brushing it is so painful so I dont) so i normally smooth the top bit and leave the bottom!
thanks for the heads up!
Belle du Brighton

Unknown said...

It sounds great! I have a tangle teezer and love it, I like the look of this one because of the handle though :)

Hezzie said...

I really need to look into this. I take care of a woman in a wheelchair and her hair is so long, its a nightmare to brush after her shower. Thanks for sharing something so practical!

Helen99 said...

I could do with trying this - my hair is long and quite fine and it gets so knotty in the wind. Great blog x