Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Long Lost Love! Boots No7 Eyeshadow.

I don't think it's quite vintage, but it's old. So, so old! .. This eyeshadow was an shade I had when I was in my teens. I remember I swapped it with my best friends older sister for something, and I thought I was so cool with my lovely No7 eyeshadow. It's a lovely taupe shade with shimmer that I didn't appreciate back in the day.

Somehow my mum got hold of it (It's her kind of colour) and I found it in her makeup stash this Summer, and memories flooded back of how I loved it, and thought I was cool to be wearing it. Mum told me she doesn't use it, and so I swatched it to see how it was, the pigmentation is perfect, the shadow is soft, has great pay off and is definitely still usable.

I really love it! There is a ton of product in here, and the pan isn't on show yet! I wish I knew the name of the shadow, but the sticker on the back is long gone. But whatever! Isn't it a lovely shade?
So I just wondered, do any of my readers have some really old makeup items that they still love? I am so glad I rediscovered this eyeshadow! :)


Julianne said...

That is a really nice pigmented colour. I'm not a taupe fan, but this one looks good. Having been into makeup for about ten years now, I have MANY really old makeup items that I love. My favourites include: a Body Shop liquid eyeshadow, Kolor (former Superdrug own brand) lipsticks and nail varnishes (I have some eyeshadows too but they're not too great), and some Superdrug loose eyeshadows that came in a makeup organiser box.

Unknown said...

Hi Julianne, that is interesting, and good to know I am not alone!

You actually just reminded me of something else that I have, that is a stick highlighter from the Kolor range at superdrug! :)

Sarah said...

I really like the colour of this!
I have a very very old bronze/gold eyeliner from when I was about 12, I'd never wear it as it's bloody hideous but I can't bring myself to throw it away!

Sarah xx

Becky said...

Oh gosh, I remember that packaging! That was quite a few years ago now.

Kat said...

I think it looks pretty similar to their eye shadow called Mink. It's a really nice taupe!

Demonicsmurfette said...

I've got this! It was called Velvet Mink or something. I've also got another no7 shadow from the same era- a fabulous dark plum. Must be about 15 years old but they are still good.