Monday, October 17, 2011

Playing with colour..

I used to LOVE using colour mousse when I was in my teens, it used to be fun for me and friends to add some colour to our locks when our parents wouldn't let us really dye our hair. The great things is, they washed out in the shower/bath.

I was recently sent a can of red colour mousse from a brand called 'Indola' who are a professional hair products company that I hadn't heard of before now. I thought it would be fun to relive my teenage years and add a bit of colour to my hair, which I don't really dye any more, I haven't for over a year now! Aren't I good? - Though I am itching to dye it! I have my first greys showing now!
So anyway, I went for the red colour, as I have brunette hair and needed a colour that had a chance of showing up in my hair. Sadly, it didn't show as well as I would have liked, but it did give a really nice subtle red tint to my hair.

Here are some pictures. I hope that they make sense! Basically the left side is before (with and without flash) and then the right are the afters. You can definitely see a change in the richness and tone of my colour.
 Can you see the subtle tint it gave?

I really like how it gave my hair a slight richness with the red tone, I would have just liked it to be brighter, but that's down to my hair colour. I would suggest you always wear gloves when applying a colour mousse too! I did this time, but I can remember in my teens, my mum going crazy because I had crazy coloured staining on my hands.

Do any of you use colour mousse, or do just prefer a good old hair dye? I bet some of you used to play with colour mousses when you were younger like I did, right?!

You can buy Indola Colour Mousse from here.


Anonymous said...

This is really cool, I did not use them in my teens but I would try to try now. It is a shame is it not brighter on your hair colour.

Anonymous said...

I believe that you are to dark to get a brighter look on your hair. What is achived is a more shine and deepnes to your wonderfull hair. Colour mousse is fun. You should try the other care and styling produts from Indola. And if you want to start dye your hair again, Indola have launched a new Ammo-free 100% coverage color that you should try out.