Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Schwarzkopf Oil Miracle Finishing Treatment.

I had never tried a proper hair oil before up until recently. I had however heard mention of them, and how cool they are for nourishing dry ends and adding some smoothness and shine. I'd tried using bio oil and the superdrug oil on my hair a few times, and it always added a nice shine, but I felt I could feel it a little on my hair.

I was recently sent this Oil Miracle from Schwarzkopf to try out, and I wasted no time in testing it out. I use a tiny pea sized amount for my long thick hair. I rub it into my hands first, and they distribute it through my ends first, and then whatever is left I put through the length, a little of this spreads a long way.

I then left my hair to air dry (I always do), and then the following morning I straightened it. The shine was amazing, my hair looks really healthy after I use this, like 'just out of the salon' shiny. One friend of mine commented that my hair looked like the hair from a glossy shampoo television advert.. That was totally unprovoked too, they just complimented me.

It's a bit of an addiction now, and probably a new step added to my hair regime. The oil really makes my hair feel and look more nourished and shiny. I tried to capture it for you below:
Also, it's funny, but this picture surprised me, I never knew my hair was so multi tonal!

This is also great to add after styling your hair. I use the teeniest tiniest amount, just through my ends for even more shine. It's lovely, and this 100ml bottle will last me for ages.

Available online, here.

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