Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Bliss: Steep Clean Pore Purifying Mask.

I am a huge fan of face masks, especially the Liz Earle ones, which are my faves. But recently I have been trying some from other brands, Montange Jeunesse and Bliss to name a couple. I have three different Bliss masks that I was sent, So today I am going to talk about the Steep Clean Pure Purifying Mask.

I really love the bliss brand, and how they offer salon/spa like treatments, to use at home.

This is what Bliss Say:
This pore plunging, clog clearing mask will transform skin into a scene of extremely clean when used weekly for 15 minutes. Intensive exfoliation, oil elimination, and deep pore purging are a perfect for all (but especially pimple prone) skin types.
This sounds like the dream mask for my skin.  I have large pores and pimple prone skin!

This has two pumps at the top, which dispenses two different parts which need to be mixed together to activate the exfoliating enzymes! It turns to a pale green colour. Then just massage it into the face and really concentrate it on clogged areas on the face. Then, leave it for 15 minutes. The exfoliating particles are not obvious at all when you massage the mask in, they are very small and non abrasive.

It doesn't lather as such, nor does it set on the face. During the 15 minutes I could feel it tingling slightly, not uncomfortably tingling, just a gentle sensation. When it came to washing this off, my face felt incredible. My skin felt super clean and very smooth, and my I do feel that my pores appeared slightly reduced after using this, but I know that's not a permanent thing. It makes a nice change for my foundation to go on smoother though.

I like to use this once a week, as it is quite costly, but it's well worth it. It always leaves me feeling 'facial' fresh everytime, and all without leaving my house. Perfect!

Available Here.


Giselle said...

Cool, this sounds really nice. I like the Bliss range.

J. said...

Sounds awesome, I really want to try this one as well, being a huge Bliss fan and all :)