Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hospital Follow Up ..

Hi Everyone.

This is a little follow up to this post from last Monday. I said that I would update on how things went .. So here it is. I didn't so it right away as I have just been processing it and sort of thinking about things.

Firstly though, Thank you all so, so much for the lovely comments, not just here, but on twitter too - I swear that having so many supportive friends and people who care is lovely and I truly appreciate it. It makes me feel a little easier about things, knowing that I have so many people wishing me well, and who care.

So, I saw the Consultant, and one of my main hopes was that he would be nice. The last guy I saw in July was a bit rude and to the point - I didn't like his attitude. This guy, Mr Baker, was so lovely.. He smiled warmly, shook my hand, sat down with me, and most importantly listened to what I told him (the previous guy didn't want to know about my similar past problems.)

After a short chat he took a quick look, confirming that it is what it is (a pilonidal sinus, I mean) and having a bit of a prod. Once he was done we sat back down and he told me that unless it is seen to, it will keep on flaring up, building pressure, and bursting, causing me pain, and needing to be dressed, etc. It won't just go away. So I need surgery to fix it, like I had in 2009.

If you saw my post on Monday you will know that I was basically expecting that. It isn't what I wanted, but I knew it was the only way to clear it up. So I nodded, smiled and agreed. He told me that after surgery the healing time can take a while because the wound is left open to heal from the inside out.. I explained that I had been through all of the once before, when I first had one in 2009. It is not pleasant.

He then sent me to a pre assessment place and said I might be able to have that done on the day, then I'd go on the waiting list for surgery. I went to the pre assessment place and there were so many people waiting, so I have made an appointment to have that on November 18th at 1pm. This is just an assessment so they know what they need to before operating. Once I have been to this appointment I will go on the waiting list, and get a letter with a date for whenever. I have no idea how long that might be, but I don't want it to be before Christmas, that would be a nightmare, and it's my birthday the week before - I want to enjoy that.

Basically that is all I know for now. I have all sorts of thing whirring through my mind, and I am scared about surgery, and after it, but for now I have put it to the back of my mind. There is no point in fretting over something that I have no date for yet, right?

Here is a quote I like... Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy.


Cat said...

Thinking about you and sending you big hugs xxx

Hezzie said...

I had surgery twice this summer and I was scared to death.It's never easy. But after, when you feel SO much better, you realize it was worth it. Good luck girl xoxo

Mika said...

I really hope things will get better for you soon! take care x

Kate said...

Worrying is one of the worst feelings ever, especially when its out of your control. I feel for you because I have a huge phobia of hospitals/needles/giving birth, anything remotely medical! (Luckily I've been blessed with good health so far). I know its easy to say but focus on how many more years of pain-free life you have to live, as opposed to a few weeks of painful healing. It'll be worth it. x

Unknown said...

I really hope your surgery date isn't until after Christmas and it isn';t too painful for you. x

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

<3 so much love.