Saturday, November 05, 2011

♥ A Little Liz Earle ..

I love Liz Earle products. I recently repurchased their moisturiser and toner to use with my cleanse and polish. I swear that using Liz Earle skincare is the longest I have stuck to a routine, but it's faultless and doesn't irritate my skin. I just wanted to post about some of my most recent additions, both lovely products which I love.

I've been using their Orange Flower shower gel. It's yummy, so citrus fresh and zingy. I love how the scent fills my bathroom and lingers on my skin. It lathers so nicely and you only need a little. The major plus is that it is SLS free too.
I have also been really, really loving this from them too, it is the sheer pink lip shimmer. I didn't even know they did a lip shimmer until I cam across it on the website. It is very sheer, but it is so moisturising, and has a lovely scent to it, very herbal/Liz Earle-y. It adds a lovely hint of pink to my lips, or looks nice layered over a darker lipstick to add some shimmer.
Here is a little swatch, not great - Sorry!
Are there any Liz Earle products that you swear by? I love the cleanse and polish, but most people I know do. I also LOVE their eye bright soothing lotion, and their shampoo and conditioner!

Sheer Pink Lip Shimmer: 5g £4.75.
Orange Flower Shower Gel: (Various Sizes Available.)

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Jenni L said...

Such a pretty sheen from the balm, and so cheap. I'ma get that.