Thursday, December 08, 2011

Wild Thing, I Think I Love You ...

Yet another new flavour from the amazing Batiste. 'Flavour?' I hear you say .. Yep, I call it a flavour.. I know it's weird, my boyfriend has informed me numerous times that smells are not flavours, but whatever!

So, with it's amazingly cool leopard print can, this new Batiste 'Wild' Dry Shampoo is luscious. It works like all of the other flavours too, but it has a lovely, different scent (or flavour!) It has a lovely musky scent, sort of oriental, and I love it. The scent lasts throughout the day, and keeps my hair feeling and looking fresh. I am a total Batiste addict and could not, ever be without it.

This new flavour (hah!) is exclusive to Boots, and is £2.99!

PR Sample.


Duvessa said...

Damn I would've liked to buy this but only took Fresh and Diva last time I was in UK since I know at least I can stand those scents and didn't have time to try the others :D

Kate said...

I love the smell of this batiste!
I'm actually about to do a review on the batiste range, think they are fab!
PS - I call smells 'flavours' and my bf is forever correcting me too!

Unknown said...

the last batiste I've bought was the christmasy one with shimmer in it :) it smells so nice and it gives your hair a light shimmer :)


Just me, Leah said...

I didn't realise this was exclusive to Boots. THAT'S why I couldn't find it. Thanks for the heads up....oh God, excuse the pun! x

Živa said...

Oh gosh this looks amazing. I SO wish we had Batiste where I live. :(