Friday, January 27, 2012

Colour Extreme - Hair Art.

I love dying my hair, and when I was younger I had all sorts of extreme and bright colours.. More recently I have always gone with a brown/red shade, and currently my hair is free from dye and I quite like my natural chestnut hair colour.  That doesn't mean I don't like to switch things up a bit though, and so when I got an email about Colour Extreme and their washout hair sprays and gels, I was interested.

I was sent some samples of to try out. Two of their hairsprays and two gels. I was asked beforehand what my natural hair colour was, so that I got shades that should best work for me.
Above we have Colour Extreme Hair Art Gel (Blue and Pink) - Colour Extreme Hair Art Spray (Blue and Purple)

I expected that the sprays would be great, but I wasn't that keen on the idea of a coloured gel. I imagined it would be all kinds of messy, but as it turned out, I preferred the gel (for me) more.

The blue spray is great and shows up well in my hair, very well pigmented and gives a lovely bright flash of colour. Sadly, the purple didn't show up in my hair at all. The downside to the spray is that it makes your hair stiff and hard to manage and I could barely get a brush through mine without washing it out. Also, when you touch your hair with this on, it transfers to your hands. It's easy to use though, I just put a towel over my shoulders, sprayed from a few inches away and let it dry before quickly brushing it through before my hair went too stiff.
The Gel on the other hand is so bright! I love these for a more precise look. I just took a couple of strands, did one with the pink and one with blue, let it dry and brushed it out, and I was left with really natural looking streaks that weren't stiff at all. And a note, although these products are slightly messy, they was off the skin so easily, and shampoo out of the hair right away too.
So, all in all, I liked the spray, and loved the gels. I would definitely like to try some other shades of them. As you can see above, once it has been brushed through and the hair is dry it looks really good, and vivid too!

Colour Extreme Hair Art products are available from Boots, and they currently have £1 off. You can get the gel here, and the sprays here.

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They look great! Did they transfer?