Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Batiste Cherry - The Cherry On Top!

Yet another new *Bastiste, this time in Cherry flavour.. or scent, whatever you want to call it! (I prefer flavour, much to my boyfriends annoyance!)

I pretty much love all of the Batistes that are available, they get the job done, refresh my hair, give it a bit of oomph even when it doesn't need refreshing, and they smell good. This one is lovely and fruity, the scent is lush and it lingers on my hair too!

The packaging is super cute, it's cheap, and it smells good. I can't recommend this enough, or any others from the Batiste range for that matter.

This is just £2.99 from Boots.


Jackie said...

I want to try a dry shampoo and this likes a good brand! What do you recommend to try?

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Unknown said...

Hi Jackie. This is a great brand to try. Some of my faves are the Batiste Wild, Tropical, Blush and Brunette. :)

Jackie said...

thanks I will definitely look for it in the drugstore!

Bicky said...

I so want to try this, I love cherries. I have the original but dislike the scent! :(

Unknown said...

The original is a bit 'blah' compared to all of the lovely flavours you can get now!