Thursday, March 01, 2012

February Carmine Box!

My apologies for the lack of photos. My camera is currently missing and I don't know where I have put it. I will try to add images soon. But you can see the products on Gemma's blog. The only difference is my nail colour.

For me this months Carmine box* is a keeper! I am so impressed by the Carmine box, for every one I have had I have been super happy with. This one is no different. There is a whole variety of products and there is something for everyone I reckon.

This months box includes:

Andrea Fulerton Nail Polish: I love this! I got a pale sheer shade with a shimmer to it called 'Matthew' that will be so perfect for layering over more opaque shades. I like the quality of these polishes, I got some for Christmas and love them.

Steam Cream: This is so cool. It comes in such a groovy tin that looks like earth and stars. This is a multi purpose moisturising product for body, face, and wherever! I wanted to love this because the packaging is amazing, but I can't stand the smell, it smells very strongly of lavendar. I gave it to my BF, with instructions to give me the tin back when he is done!

Diego Dalla Palma Lipstick: I got the shade 42. From the swatch shades on the sample card it looks like a nice deep red-ish shade, but it isn't, it's more bronze and not a shade I love. I do love the opacity and quality of the lipstick though. It is super pigmented, and moisturising. I'd like to delve deeper into some products from this range.

Whiteglo Toothpaste: This was an odd, but welcome addition for me. I am forever on the hunt for products to make my teeth whiter! This is said to be the choice for actors and models. Well, if it is good enough for them, then it is for me too! I'll report back.

Balance Me Bodywash: This is a full size moisturising body wash. It smells wuite citrussy to me, and is pleasant to use, it lathers wekk and does leave my body feeling really smooth, and it's nice to not have to bother with body butter sometimes - this is great for those days!

Yardley Perfume: This smells like a bunch of flowers to me. I don't hate it, but I wouldn't buy it. My sample was only half full too. I'm not excited by the scent atall. It just isn't 'me'.

Check Carmine out, and subscribe here.

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