Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadows.

I was so thrilled to hear that we were finally going to be getting the Maybelline 24 hours Color Tattoo Eyeshadows here, after seeing them on US you tubers channels and blogs for the past few months. I have a couple so far, but love them enough to want all of them - these are seriously good.

  • On and on Bronze: Just a pretty shimmery bronze shade, no glitter involved, just a gorgeous smooth bronze with shimmer.

  • Permanent Tapue: I love this, just a matte taupey grey shade. It's a great base for so many looks and I can't wait to use it more.
My swatches are just one swipe of each colour. I didn't over swipe to build up the colour, so you are seeing the pigmentation as it is. They are really creamy and smooth, and blendable, tonly if you blend them before they set, because once they do they are not budging.

Do they last for 24 hours though? .. Not for me, no. I got about 6 hours wear before I noticed a tiny bit of creasing, but please bear in mind that I have oily skin and lids, and MAC paintpots crease in the same amount of time on me. I think with UDPP underneath, or powder on top (I didn't use either when I tested them) they would last much longer. The colour stays bright throughout the wear and they look great alone, or as a base for other shadows.

According to the Boots website we have only 7 shades available to us in the UK. I'm pretty sure there are more in the US (Sadface! WHY?!) .. I definietly want to pick the others up and have them all, they are really great and totally comparable to a MAC paintpot, at a fraction of the price.

What do you think of these, have you tried them yet?

These are just £4.99! You can get them here.


Mika said...

Hi Sophie, I'm going to get the Permanent Taupe myself too, I already know I will love it, and also the endless purple, but I'm so disappointed here in Italy we only get 6 shades :( you know the amazing Orange one, we don't have it all.. is it the same in the UK?

KiranK.A said...

I ran out to buy these as well...But I cant say I'm complaining about anything because ONE: I live in the states so I have easy access & TWO: I absolutely love them! But I wonder why they would change the name??? Our's is Tough As Taupe...I only bought Tough as Taupe and Tenacious Teal..s0o good!...but Anywho goodluck finding them!

Jackie said...

I have heard tons about these and so want one now! I just need to choose a color!


Sophie said...

We only have 7 shades, and not the orange one. That was the most eyecatching one for me! I heard that the purple one isn't as good as the other shades on Makeupgeeks review :)

Sophie said...

I did wonder why they changed the names too, it's very odd and I don't see the point. You are very lucky with your large selection of shades in the US!

Sophie said...


Anonymous said...

I love Color Tattoo Eyeshadows! I've got n°40, 20 and 15. Amazing colors and texture!

KiranK.A said...

Do let me know if you don't find them...I'd be glad to help out :-)