Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mont Bleu Review.

I was recently sent some products from Mont Bleu to review. They are a company based in Prague. They have a great website and produce glass nails files as well as a selection of other products from tweezers, to costume jewellry .. Take a look here.

They were kind enough to let me choose a selection of products, and this is what they sent me.

First impressions were great, I love the delicate crystals that decorate the items, it adds a nice girly touch of glamour. Everything came packaged really well, and I had the package within a week of dispatch.
First up, their Heart Crystal Nail File. Now, I have never used a glass file before, but I had read lots about them, and know that they are better for the nails than regular files, they help to strengthen, and they last for years apparently (I don't know about that yet - but if so, great!) .. It was weird for me to use at first after being so used to normal emery boards, but this is definitely tons better. It is so sturdy, it leaves my nails so much smoother and they don't chip or peel very much at all. I figure the more I use this, the better improved my nails will become. I am definitely converted! The tiny crytals attached to it just add a nice touch of glam, which I love.

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Next, a Swarovski Hairbrush! Random, I know.. But how can anyone resist a blinged up hairbrush. This is a great brush too, it has a mix of boar bristles, as well as normaly ones that really get through the hair (and I have thick hair) leaving it soft and shiny. The boar bristles are said to be very gentle and non damaging to the hair too. I really like this brush, it feels like a quality hairbrush, and is just so pretty. The stones are firmly attached and not going anywhere. I love how sparkly they are!
Earrings, these were a random choice, but the 'Northern Lights' Aurora Borealis look of them instanstly caught my eye. They just looked so sparkle and multi coloured. I was so pleased when I saw them in my package. These came in a gift box as shown above, and they are ust stunning, I seriously love them - my other half even commented on how pretty they were when they caught the light. They are only 15 Euros too. I would really like some more of these with the other crystals in them, they are truly stunning.. Here they are in my ear.. How pretty? ...
How can anyone resist the beauty of those? (Can you tell I love them?)

Thanks to Mont Bleu for the chance to try some of their products, they are all lovely and the service was great. Don't forget to check their website.



Bicky said...

Eeeee those earrings are fabby. I need to get my other ear properly repierced so I can wear proper earrings again!

Lillian Funny Face said...

Those earrings are just stunning!

Sophie said...

They are the gorgeousest!

Sophie said...

Thanks Lilian! They are lovely :)