Monday, March 05, 2012

MUA Professonal Goodies!

I am absolutely loving some of the products from the MUA range at Superdrug. I especially love the palettes and really want to purchase some more of them, but here is a quick review on a couple of other items I picked up.

 The primer is a gel like consistency, and it doesn't feel overly slippery when applied. It sets to the skin quite quickly, and gives a smooth surface which makes for a lovely smooth foundation application. Unfortunately though, this didn't work for me, it did not keep my oily skin at bay, and my foundation slid off my skin (which is quite oily) after just a few hours.

The mosaic brozer is great! I am in love with this product, it has great pigmentation and gives such a lovely visible flush to the cheeks without needs a ton of product. My own small complaint is that when you swirl your brush into this you get quite alot of dust residue, but for the price I sort of expect that. It's a great product though, and I need more colours. The mix of all of the shade swirled together give a lovely look, I didn't find that this wore off quickly, it lasted as long as any of my MAC blushers do, and had more pigmentation.

Mosaic Bronzer £2.50
Primer £4.00

Have you  tried either of these? Do you have any other MUA recommendations?


Hezzie said...

I have the bronzer and the mosaic blusher and I have about 7 of the eyeshadow singles. I love everything. You can't go wrong for the price.

RocoLondon said...

I love Mua, I have eyeshadows, lipstick and english mosaic blush.Maybe I´ll try the bronzer. Thanks!

Jackie said...

The bronzer looks pretty! And I never heard of the brand but I think it looks good.