Sunday, March 11, 2012

Neäl & Wølf: 'Everyday Indulgence.'

I love hair products, and I am always, always trying new products and things on my hair. I have recently been trying out some Neäl & Wølf * hair products, this brand and range was very new to me, and I had only heard of them briefly before.

Neäl & Wølf is the brainchild of Neil Capstick. Having worked in the hair industry for over 20 years, he has used his extensive experience and understanding of professional salons and stylists to create this exciting debut range.

I've been trying the shampoo, intensive treatment, volumising lotion, super shine spray and the hold and shine spray and I have really enjoyed them all. The packaging for the products is very luxurious looking, and all the them smell amazing, and it's a scent that lasts on the hair until the next wash, which I always enjoy.

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The Daily Cleansing Shampoo is a thick luxurious shampoo - a little goes a long way and it creates a nice lather that really leaves my hair feeling clean and soft and looking shiny and hydrated. I use it in conjunction with the Intensive Care Treatment which is like a conditioning treatment that you leave in the hair for a few minutes (like Aussie 3 minute miracle) .. This is really thick, like a hair butter, and it smells amazing. I leave it on for about five minutes and after using it my hair feels luxuriously soft, and it's texture is much less frizzy, and very smooth. I love anything that helps to contain my frizzy hair, it feels like such a treat for my locks.

The Volumising Lotion was a new things to me. I had used volume mousse and sprays before, but this is a lotion that you put through your damp hair, and then blowdry. I don't have much problem with volume as I have big full hair already, but this really added a bit of extra ooomph (is that a word?) to my hair, and created some great volume throughout my hair.

Lastly the finishing products. The Super Shine Spray gives my hair such a mirror like shine. I'm not really one for bothering with shine spray, as I feel if I use too many products it weighs my hair down, but this didn't do that at all. I just put a light spritz on my hair after straightening, and it adds a glossy sheen.

The Hold & Shine Spray is my favourite, it gives the amazing shine that the shine spray alone gives, but it adds some great hold too, and it's a natural hold, not a crunchy hairspray hard hold. My hair still has the natural movement I like it to have, but all fly aways and frizz remains tamed throughout the day. It smells great too, as do the other products.

Have you tried any products from the Neäl & Wølf range? You can check them out here.


kerker said...

new follower! wow sounds like a great product, will definitely give it a try!lately my hair has been falling out, not quite sure from what but wanted to try other products to see if it makes a difference.

xo kerker
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Stacy said...

I wanna get all of them
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