Monday, March 05, 2012

Review: (PMD) Personal Microderm.

Hi Everyone.

I was recently offered the chance to try the *PMD (Personal Microderm) system to use at home. I was very excited to try this. I don't know a great deal about Microdermabrasion, but I know that it is pricey and can have some amazing effects. I was excited to be able to try it for myself at home. I had also seen a few reviews on you tube before, and everyone always spoke quite highly about it.. I was a bit nervous too though!

The PMD system comes with a DVD that you must watch to make sure you do the treatment correctly. It is pretty straight forward, but is a must see before you start. The box includes spare dermabrasion discs, which are colour coded for the more/less abrasive ones.

Training Video (this is the same as the DVD.)

I do have a before and after image (below), but the before image was a couple of weeks before I got the PMD. I had major bad skin and had to wait for those nasties to clear up before I used the device. I think the after shot speaks for itself. I mean, you can hardly even see the scars from the spots that were in the before picture. You can see more Before and After shots on their website.

(Note, you cannot use the PMD on actual flared up/open spots, wait until they are healed before you use it on that area, like I did. And you must not hold it in one area for any length of time, it needs to be constantly moving, otherwise it can cause scabbing.)

So the idea is to start with the smaller less abrasive disc to start (blue), and that you only use it once a week (5/7 days).. Here is my little diary from my first few uses:

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Jan 24th.
First use of the PMD today. I watched the DVD, and read the instructions a few times, just to make sure that I knew what I was doing. I did a little test on my hand, and didn't have a reaction, so decided I was going to brave it.

Using it on my face was scary! I did everything it said, like pulling skin taut, moving upwards, not repeating on the same area, and it felt .. just okay! I don't like how it felt, I think it's the suction thing, it sucks hard! (ahem!)..  Don't get me wrong, it wasn't painful, it just felt odd. My skin looked pink immediately after using it too, but that seemed to wear off with toner and moisturiser. I'm hoping I did it right and I'm not going to have something nasty happen with my skin in the next few days.

I toned right after use, then waited five minutes and moisturised, which felt nice, and soothing. Right now (about an hour later) my skin feels smoother for sure, but it feel tight, and very slightly uncomfortable from where I used the PMD. I can't say whether that's because it's so new to me, or because my skin is going to react badly. I'll keep you posted, and try the PMD again in a week.

Jan 25th.
My face felt better after two hours or so of using the PMD, and today it feels soft, but doesn't really visibly look any different. I'm glad that I used it right though, and I don't have any sore spots.

Jan 26th.
My skin feels so smooth today and is brighter too. I really feel like some of the scars and blemishes from old spots are less obvious. I am excited for my next use, the smoothness of my skin is amazing.

Feb 2nd.
I used the PMD again today. It went fine, it felt fine. It really was just getting used to the suction feeling that was weird at first. It took me less than 5 minutes to do my face, and it feels amazing again. I feel it is visibly smoother, and the marks along my jaw have definitely faded more.

Feb 5th.
Skin is feeling great, looking great, and blemish scars have definitely faded quite a lot. I'm not too sure about my pores reducing in size though.. I'm hoping in time that might happen, even if just a little bit. All in all I am very happy with the PMD and how it has worked for my skin, and I will continue to use it weekly or fortnightly..
(Apologies for the lack of quality, they were taken on my phone and in different light, but I think you get the idea.)

... So there you have it. The after picture was taken at the weekend, and I have used the device twice since the last diary post. I just thought the diary was the best way for you to get my initial thoughts of the product, and how I felt as I used it more.

Would I recommend this? .. I would. Especially if you are already forking out money to have this done by a pro, you can do it yourself, and for much less. I would also recommend it to those of you who have been considering it, but were maybe not sure. I know it is pricey, but it is like an investment for your body/skin.

I didn't know what to expect from this, but I am very happy with the way it has made my skin appear brighter, healthier, and with less scarring. Thumbs up from me for that!

PMD can be purchased online.


vonnie (socialitedreams) said...

I really want to try this because i have major dark spots to fade! i need to get it and review it as well, looks awesome

Anonymous said...

how much was the total cost for shipping out to the UK? And did you get the international power supply one or the standard US one from the PMD main website

Unknown said...

It's very cool :)

Unknown said...

It comes with a US plug but a UK adaptor so that you can use it right away. I'm unsure on the shipping cost, but I will let you know when I find out. :)

Anonymous said...

is this the international power supply one from the PMD site?

Unknown said...

Yes, mine came with the system.

Anonymous said...

ok thank you so much ! going to buy it soon ! cant wait :)

Unedited said...

Hey did you buy it from the actually pmd website or from ebay?

Unedited said...

Hey, did you buy it from their actual website or from another source like ebay? x

Unknown said...

It was actually sent from PMD in the USA.