Friday, April 06, 2012

Colourful Easter Nails.

What do you think..  Fun or garish?

I had a sudden urge yesterday to paint my nails bright and crazy and thought I would go for something Easter-ish. I don't know what makes them anything to do with easter, but they are bright and eye catching and painted with pastel shades.They're not perfect up close, but I do really like them! I used to be addicted to nailart, but got out of the habit for so long. I want to get back into that, I just have such little patience waiting for them to dry.

I first applied two coats of Flamingo, then dotted with lilac and lemon sherbert, and on my thumbs I used lilac all over, and dotted with the others. I used a dotting tool from ebay, but you can use an orange stick or a cocktail stick, it's so simple!

Have a great Easter weekend all!


tackyblueeyeshadow said...

They look really cute! I haven't got the patience to do nail art though. I get really bored waiting for my nails to dry! x

Mika said...