Thursday, April 19, 2012

Keeping it sanitary. Milton Maximum Protection.

Keeping things sanitary. Important right? It is to me. I am OCD about my hands and always, always carry hand gels with me. I hate the idea of touching railings and things in public that any Tom, Dick, or Harry could have touched, and who knows where his grubby mitts may have been?

The Milton Hand Gel* is great. It leaves my hands feeling clean and fresh, it sinks in quickly and doesn't leave a stick residue like some I have tried. It doesn't dry my hands out either, which can sometimes be a problem because of the alcohol in the sanitisers, then I end up piling on hand cream too.

The Milton Surface Wipes* have been far more useful than I even thought. They are great for so many things! I mostly use them in my makeup area, to wipe down grubby packaging, to clean my mirror and dressing table, and even sometimes I've spot cleaned a makeup brush on it (I don't know if this is allowed though!). They really are multi use, and great for anything that you want to wipe clean basically. Simples!

Check Milton Products out here. They sell a whole range of things to keep yourself and your home as sanitary as possible.

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